TrueWind Team Handbook

Leadership & Planning 22' -> 23'


Concept → Exercise → Discussion


8am Breakfast and Self Management

Setting your Values + Rules for the new year.
What is Working for you? What's not?

9:00am Team and Leader Breakouts

Strategic planning
Altogether. → Breakouts
4 Things
Define mission, vision, goals
Determine where we are currently
What are our priorities
Who is doing what to get us there
Half Life Exercise

11:00am Team Building A: Communication

Group Exercise: Facts, Feelings, Fixes vs Meanings

12pm Lunch

12:30pm Team Building B: Problem Solving

Ground Rules / GuardRails
What hat am I wearing? (Parent/Adult/Child/Profession)
Is it right time, place, or energy for the discussion?
Is there enough time to give the topic the time it deserves?
Be fully present (turn off notifications, and no interruptions)
Commit to respect yourself and the partner
No aggressive, condescending, or short tone
No degrading language
No yelling
Take turns speaking. no interrupting your partner
Take a break from the conversation if needed. Agree to a time to come back and discuss (Handout: Conflict Resolution: How to Take a Timeout) after things have cooled.
Set goal to understand, not to agree on everything
What is the root, not the fruit?
Method → Motivation → Meaning
Strategy → Story → State
Feedback Spectrum
Condemning ← Criticism ← Critique → Challenge → Calling

1:30pm Blindspots: Diversity, Filters, Fallacies

Johari Window



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