TrueWind Team Handbook
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Jeremiah - Production Coordinator


Coordinate production logistics between Creative Director, Film Crews, and Client.


Coordination between Talents, Crew, Assets, Equipment, and client.
Scheduling of production crew and talent.
Management of Pre-Production Process.

Routine (what does the daily look like)

Confirming with client, talent, crew, and location details for upcoming shoots.
Scheduling joint work sessions between various pieces of pre production (script, director, director of photography, creative director).
Managing all studio equipment and lending library.
Getting to location sites early to set up.
Location Scouting.


Great communication (prompt, professional, and personable) between various players and stakeholders.
Project Management.

Can grow into:

Hiring and Firing Production Crew

Non Negotiables:

Treating people poorly (Impatient, short, rude).
Communicating if things are behind.


Reports to Creative Director.


$25/hr on production days
$20/hr admin and pre-production coordination

Long Term Goals

Producer (Project Lead over entire film projects) $50/hr

Personal User Manual

Personal/Professional Goals:

certified life coach
education in counseling
Brand Launch - Mental Health

When/How I like to work:


What I value:

Constructive criticism / honesty
Clarity of vision, instruction. and expectation
Space where people know they are heard and seen

What I don’t have patience for:

Time consuming / meetings with no point / no intention
Things not starting on time
People speaking down or negatively about others

How to best communicate with me:

Email / text

What day of the week and/or time of day am I completely unreachable?

Early morning, late evenings, Vacation

Things I struggle with:

Drive / motivation
Belief in self

How to help me:

Clarity of assignments and deadline


Dislikes: “Don't stop believing’” - Journey

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