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Jack - Creative Director


Serves as the creative backbone to the organization, leads and directs the creative strategy and direction of the team and production, and sets team members up for success to do what they do best.


Work alongside CEO and Account Executive to provide Leadership to overall agency.
Bring out the creative genius of team members to design and deliver creative solutions for client.
Help Design and Provide leadership to the creative process within agency.
Provide accountability and support for creative and production teams to help meet deadlines for deliverables and solve creative problems.
Maintain fidelity and quality of deliverables to client brand and vision, and agency’s high standards.
Communicate with clients about the creative process and overall production/brand narrative.

Routine (what does the daily look like)

Receiving project briefs from Account Executive and meeting with team leads or specific creative team members to workshop and design solutions.
Leading weekly projects meeting overviewing creative timelines, hurdles, and ideas across multiple clients.
Creating brand guidelines that are functional across disciplines and channels.
Supporting team members in creative process.
Reviewing deliverables for final approvals.
Provide graphic design deliverables when needed.


Collaborative, affirming, and servant leadership.
Ability to set, communicate, and meet deadlines to team members.
Work in close conjunction with Account Executive (determine project scope and managing client communication) and Team Leads for Creative and Production Teams.
Ability to communicate well to both clients (workshop settings) and team members.
Life long learner of art and design in order to cultivate a creative spark for the team.

Can grow into:

Hiring, developing, and coaching creative talent.
Developing brand across multiple business fronts for larger umbrella of companies.
Chief Marketing Officer

Non Negotiables:

Humility and beginner’s mind. Arrogance makes for horrible creative leadership.
Self care as to maintain fresh perspective.
Must never condescend or be dismissive with team member ideas or creativity.


Directly to CEO.


Base (50k) + 5% (Commission)

Long Term Goals

Partner & Partial ownership.
Creative Leadership of Brands across Business Divisions.

Personal User Manual

Personal/Professional Goals:

Grow in the ability to curate story and manage a team to deliver a product we are proud of.
Grow in leadership and team management skills
Become a very strong organizational creative. Creatives who can balance creativity with clarity and organization thrive.
Always maintain an attitude and invite an atmosphere of learning and growing.
Always maintain a people-first business approach.
Grow our company into something we are incredibly proud of. I want to stand by our work with pride.

When/How I like to work:

I love to work at coffee shops and in group spaces much of the time, but occasionally need to sit in quiet and really focus. I like a flexible schedule that caters to my bursts of high productivity (usually happens in the morning). I prefer not to work past 5 or 6 when possible and like to keep weekends free to keep a healthy work life balance. I want work to feel holistic, but also have healthy boundaries. I love to work along side of people and bounce ideas back and forth throughout the work day. Having fun work traditions is something I value.

What I value:

I always want people and mission to come before everything else.
I value respecting the creative process and creative process of others. Giving people the space to be creative and dream. I want to continue to value self education and leave space in my workdays to practice creative growth (finding inspiration, reading, asking questions, practicing new things, dreaming... etc.)
I value productivity or time spent and those do not always correspond the same way.
I value clear communication and expectations. The less that is ambiguous, the better I feel we will all work together and help each other grow.
I value supporting my coworkers in every way that I can. Lifting each other up and having grace with each other.
I value feedback and team that wants feedback.

What I don’t have patience for:

Inability to be flexible with people
Treating people as a means to achieve an end
Uncommunicated expectations
Wet socks
Folgers coffee
Not having fun

How to best communicate with me:

Email or Text, but also love a phone or zoom call.

Time of Day:

Week days before 7pm.

What day of the week and/or time of day am I completely unreachable?

Weekends for the most part. I will respond if I am able, but within reason.

Things I struggle with:

I have huge bursts of creativity and productivity, but also can have stints of total unproductivity. A very rigid work structure can be really challenging for me sometimes.
Very long unproductive meetings
Getting distracted and therefore unproductive
Getting too passionate and then forging ahead without the rest of the team behind me. (something I'm growing in)

How to help me:

Encouraging my creative process and pushing me towards fueling that side of me
Hold me accountable and have clear expectations
I always like to have fun and keeping our work fun (no doubt we will) really spurs me on to be my best self. Classic enneagram 7 lol..


I Like strategy and vision
Like Time spent checking in and connecting
I like being pushed and challenged in a loving way
I like deadlines
I like working in spaces that inspire me (cool coffee shops, shared creative spaces, natural light)
I like to take time as a team to recenter whenever needed.
I don't like cliches or dry messages
I like personability in branding and messaging. Stuffy language kills me.
I don't like online dating or whisky... i wish I liked both
I like hugs

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