TrueWind Team Handbook
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Isaac - Account Exec


Leads the relationship between client and agency helping to diagnose client needs, develop solutions, and provide leadership in the process of delivering those solutions.


Work alongside CEO and Creative Director to provide Leadership to overall agency.
Business Development.
Is the client facing side of Agency. Begins, Builds and Maintains great relationships with clients.
Communicates client needs to creative and production team.
Diagnoses client needs and develop solutions and assists in project management as in between client and agency.

Routine (what does the daily look like)

Client Outreach and Communication regarding project details, deadlines, and deliverables.
Sourcing new business. Sales meetings, proposals, and contracts.
Work with leadership team to set agency formulas and pricing.
Deliver quotes, contracts, and deliverables to clients.
Management of sales pipeline.
Working alongside CEO and Creative Director in strategic planning and decision making for agency.
Integral part in developing project scope and timelines.


Phenomenal communication with clients and teams.
Provide affirming and dynamic leadership to teams and process.
Managing deadlines, and project teams.
Manage multiple accounts at once without dropping standards.
High level of ethics and integrity.

Can grow into:

Lead strategic deliverables.
Hiring, Training, and Developing new team hires.

Non Negotiables:

Balance personal and business life. “Thou shalt not burn out”.
Not speaking up or advocating for client.


Directly to CEO.


Base (24k) + 15% (10% sales commission + 5% project mgmt)

Long Term Goals

Strategic Consulting add on.
Partner & Partial ownership.

Personal User Manual

Personal/Professional Goals:

to work towards Organizational Leadership/ Ownership
• to become financially independent in the next 10-15 years
• to earn ~ $100,000+/ year, within the next 2-3 years
• to enjoy the work that I do and have agency and flexibility in my life
• to own a home and start a family
• to live in a rich community
• to travel
• to develop and hone my professional and leadership skills
• to build/ be a part of building a successful business/organization
• to be a part of a ministry and serve out of my giftings
• to develop others

When/How I like to work:

• I enjoy a hybrid work model where I can work remotely but also come together in person as a team when needed
• I enjoy collaborative work and seeing how my efforts fit into the efforts of the team/organization
• I enjoy a high level of autonomy in my work. Essentially, I work best when I’m given a task or objective and the guidance to go along with it and set free to complete it on my own time
• I like working with people and having a relational component to my job
• I like working in teams where I know that I can get support when I need it

What I value:

• I value people over products
• I value a job well done over a position being filled
• I value agency/freedom and flexibility
• I value having a vision for what I do/ how it fits into where I want to end up or accomplish
• I value growth and development
• I value clear communication
• I value commitment/intention over the outcome
• I value a mentor over a boss

What I don’t have patience for:

• Busywork/ Filling a position just for the sake of appearing busy
• Apathy
• Negativity or unkind behavior or aggression
• Criticizing character instead of work

How to best communicate with me:

Face to face
Conversations based in respect
Positive reinforcement Clear expectations
In-person > Phone/Video calls (depending on urgency) > Text (easiest) > email

Time of Day:

What day of the week and/or time of day am I completely unreachable?

Things I struggle with:

Periodically, there may be a situation or task that makes me anxious or feel uncomfortable and I will end up putting it off instead of getting it over with. Sometimes I may need help getting “unstuck”

How to help me:

• Clear expectations and guidance
• Collaborative problem solving
• Constructive feedback
• Periodic check-ins & planning (1-2 per week)
• Let me know if something is working/not working


Dislike: very repetitive, monotonous work
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