TrueWind Team Handbook

Hiring and Firing

What are we looking for in Hires?

They must:

Have high ethics
Deeply care for others
They want to "get it right" over "appearing right".

Do they have the ability to...

Disagree without being disagreeable?
Ask for help?
Solicit and Receive tough feedback?
Self starter, take initiative

Our rules for hiring:

10 years not 10 months
Hire character, train skill
Do not rush the process and do not compromise


Posting of Role
Accept Resumes
Send Next Steps to Potentials
Our Handbook (see who actually reads it lol)
Scheduling Link (see who takes initiative)
Request for Port or follow up from Resume (see who follows through)
Initial interview with Team Lead
HR Review
Secondary interview with Relevant Team Lead and Daniel
Third Interview and Onboarding Conversation with Hiring Team

Who approves Hires?

HR (Genevieve Dahle) + Relevant Team Lead + Daniel

Who writes Job Post?

Relevant Team Lead

Process for Termination

Identify concerns
Document concerns thoroughly (date, time, project, who is involved)
Coach employees:
Ask about the concern.
Help them identify solutions
Ask about help that can be provided by the agency to aid in changing the situation.
Develop a performance improvement plan.
Performance or behavioral concern that needs improvement
Expectation of behavior or performance
Suggestions for improvement (including information gathered through coaching)
Performance review dates
Consequences for not meeting expectations.
Review performance improvement plan on specified dates.
Conduct a termination interview
HR exit interview.

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