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Genevieve - Human Resources


Coordinates and executes all functions related to Human Resources: talent acquisition, professional development, organizational maintenance, conflict resolution, and payroll processing.


Processing payroll.
Developing and executing staffing procedures.
Collaborating with leadership to design and implement professional development programs.
Building and managing interpersonal relationships at all levels of the company.
Partnering with CEO to develop policies and procedures that align with agency values and vision.

Routine (what does the daily look like)

Collects hours from team members and performs basic functions of payroll processing.
Confidentially receives feedback about team dynamics and agency policies.
Relays feedback to team leadership for resolution.
Counsels team members regarding professional expectations and future advancement opportunities.
Coordinates with leadership to implement staff development programs and encourage growth.
Collaborates with team leaders to address staffing needs and interview candidates.
Provides support and guidance to new team members as they become familiar with agency policies and procedures.


Efficient and meticulous organization and record-keeping.
active listening and communication skills with all team members.
Ability to negotiate difficult conversations with appropriate discretion and confidentiality.
Honest and timely reporting of all HR-related items to the appropriate leadership.
Compassion, empathy, and fairness in maintaining a people-first work culture.

Can grow into:

Non Negotiables:

Honesty, Integrity, and transparency.
Balance between family, coaching, and HR work


Reports to CEO



Long Term Goals

Maintain current culture as the agency grows.
Develop True Wind’s policies and procedures that reflect the values in handbook and provide structure for when it inevitably requires a more knowledgeable HR lead.

Personal User Manual

Name: Genevieve Dahle

Day Job:

Human Relations for True Wind (part time)
ADHD Coach with Daring Pursuits ADHD Coaching and Support LLC
Homeschool teacher for 3 kids (ages 8, 10, and 11)

Personal/Professional Goals:

Establish an HR system that can grow with the agency and be handed over at the point at which it outgrows my ability to run it.
Build a successful coaching business that not only sustains itself, but covers professional development, conferences, advanced training, and personal goals like increased travel, paying down mortgage, and additional savings.
Perpetual learning
More travel
Finding my people here in COS

When/How I like to work:

When: Mornings and early afternoons, in blocks of time
I prefer to work in calm, highly-modifiable environments, with music and few distractions. When that isn’t possible, coffee shops are a close second for body doubling and silent accountability.

What I value:

Family: My kids and partner are my first priority.
Acts of Service: Helping others is super important to me.
Communication: The most effective way to set expectations, ensure understanding, and avoid/reduce conflict.
Learning keeps me challenged and allows me to take on any task.
Education is an act of service for me. I value the ability to help others and increase their ability to make informed decisions through education.
Honesty: Even when it’s a difficult or uncomfortable situation.

What I don’t have patience for:

Passive Aggression: I don’t have the time to decide what you mean. Honest feedback will go a long way to solving our conflict.
Power Trips/Condescension

How to best communicate with me:

Text or phone call
If you email me (because it’s too long to text) let me know by text or phone call. I do my best to check email, but because of the nature of my various responsibilities, it may be up to 24 hours before I get to it without that cue.

Time of Day:

Morning or early afternoon.

What day of the week and/or time of day am I completely unreachable?

Sunday (all day) and any other day before 9 am and after 8 pm.
Evenings I have class 2 days a week, 3 nights of running kids to sports, and client meetings, so I will be reachable, but inconsistently.

Things I struggle with:

Sustained audio attention
Prioritization of tasks that are tedious or uninteresting

How to help me:

Sustained Audio Attention: If we have a long conversation or meeting, a quick summary at the end will help me remember. I may also ask you to send me a quick text or email that gives me the highlights and what action you need from me. If I indicate that I’m taking notes, this help is unnecessary.
Prioritizing a task: If you indicate to me how this task can help others, I am likely to get motivated. Acts of service are a huge motivator when interest is absent.


Because I homeschool, my children will often accompany me to in-person work functions. If their presence is a concern, I may be unable to attend as other arrangements for care are only available intermittently. Please let me know a week in advance if you need this arrangement to be made.
My kids are capable of entertaining themselves for long periods of time without interrupting me, but sometimes have off days, as we all do. Please let me know if their behavior is a problem, it will be addressed immediately.
Please do not feel you have to tip-toe around them either. They are fairly used to interacting with adults and understand that words and actions vary from situation to situation.
I have ADHD and take medication to manage it. It wears off in the mid-afternoon, so if we interact after that, I may need to make extra notes or ask you to do something really quick (text or email me a reminder) to help me remember to address it.
ADHD should not be used by me as an excuse. If I use it as an explanation, it will include an action or an indication that I’m addressing it.
Because this is part of my second job, you may find that it is a common topic and passion project for me. Change the topic and I’ll follow your lead. You can also feel free to ask questions about it and how it impacts myself or others. I’ll happily share what I know.
I love other people’s perspectives. If your opinion differs from mine, it’s often a matter of perspective. Please share yours with me.
Collaboration and helping others.
Pop culture references: Music, movies, and tv. (although due to having children, references from the past decade may not hit the same).
Coffee and Tea, humor, and good friends.
Cross stitching, reading, and playing video games.
Things that waste my time.
Mushrooms on food.
Physics - Seriously, a hypothetical physics problem made me cry.
Social situations with multiple sources of audio input.

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