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Dylan - Exec Assist



Routine (what does the daily look like)


Can grow into:

Non Negotiables:


Reports to CEO

Long Term Goals



High trust executive assistant working alongside Daniel in calendar and project planning, communication between with community members and team members, and coordination and completion of business and personal tasks.


Calendar planning and management
Communication and Coordination amongst team members of various business divisions.
Assist in project planning & execution across multiple business divisions.
Assist in personal errands.


Ability to plan around and meet deadlines.
Confidentiality. Will have access to client files, financial data, and strategic plans connected to consulting and political clients.
High commitment to clear and timely communication.
Previous experience working and leading in team settings a plus.
Ability to present well in professional environments.
Strong ability to self manage. There are no set hrs. Executive assistant will be able to manage their own schedule and timelines.
Ability to work from an online project management system and/or CRM.
Be above controversy or reproach. (We serve clients who are business and governmental leaders.)

Routine Weekly Tasks / Examples

Sending RSVP and reminders for meetings and events
Attend weekly admin mtg with Daniel and team leads
Help research location details for upcoming events
Handle personal errands (post office, groceries, appointment scheduling)
Update online team software for various teams.


Direct Report to Daniel. As organization grows may have a report underneath executive assistant to specifically handle personal errands or tasks from a single business division. Ex. housekeeping with Airbnb listing.


$20/hr with opportunity to increase pay up to $50/hr

Long Term Goals

Trusted assistant that can grow with the position into a full time W2 employee with benefits. Option as well to migrate from assisting to become a project lead or manager within one of the several businesses.

Personal User Manual

Name: Dylan Turner

Day Job: Executive Assistant

Providing excellent organizational and administrative assistance to Daniel and the various avenues of his life - primarily True Wind Marketing. Whether it is scheduling meetings, organizing calendars and Coda, or planning meetings, I hope to provide a level of enthusiasm and structure to the team at True Wind in order for them to interact and help the people within the city of Colorado Springs.

Personal/Professional Goals:

Graduate Colorado Christian University (CCU) with my Bachelors of Science Degree in Organizational Management in Christian Leadership.
Manage my own team that is working towards meaningful goals and visions.

When/How I like to work:

I like to get a bulk of important work done in the mornings. I find that I am able to focus better when working with others. Too much silence also is more distracting than background noise from ambient music or even a coffee shop.
I do not work well in a room with no windows and beating fluorescent lights.

What I value:

People’s values, ideas, and opinions
Charitable and humanitarian efforts
Dua Lipa

What I don’t have patience for:

People who are unreasonably exasperated and frustrating.
When the Chick-Fil-A drive thru line is too long

How to best communicate with me:

Honestly verbal communication, whether in person or over phone.

Time of Day:

Literally whenever I have free time on Weekdays before 6 pm. Subject to change when I get more hours with TW.

What day of the week and/or time of day am I completely unreachable?

Sundays and a good amount of Saturdays

Things I struggle with:

Anxiety of feeling like I am not doing a good job

How to help me:

Encourage and provide leadership to help me grow.


I Like:
Diet Dr. Pepper

I Dislike:
Halle Berry
The Russian government, I guess

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