TrueWind Team Handbook

Ad Astra Team Leads Mtg 1/23/2022

Purpose of the weekly biz leader Mtg: Working in our businesses/teams vs working on our businesses/teams
Check In: What are you looking forward to in your team this year?

Latest Updates from across business:

Big Projects & Deadlines
Tax Season
Scheduling & Bookkeeping

3 Models to approach 2023 with:

Tuckman's Model

Forming → Storming → Norming → Performing

Sports Team Model

Fields of Play = Markets
Support Roles
Coaches, Cheerleaders, Clinics
Vision. Are we building towards the same dream?
Values. Are we all being guided by the same principles?
Rules. What expectations exist within our industry?
Goals. What are our defined wins and metrics/OKRs for the year?
Strategy. How do we plan to win? Shared playbook?
Language. Are our definitions shared? Are we making sounds or are we understanding each other?
Practice. When and How is our team meeting and doing work together?
Cost & Commitment. Is the ask of our team well defined, communicated, and agreed upon?

Hoping for No Storms vs S3: Skilled Sailors, Sound Strategy, Sustainable Structure

Defined Roles
Trust. Are we truly delegating?
Courage in crisis

One Page

Your Market & MVP.
"Who we are and Who we serve"
Value Proposition
Reverse Engineer the Year.
2023 → Quarters → Months
Team Roles
R Sheets
What guidance & support do they individually need from you?
What SOPs would simplify process?
How will you develop and support your team this year?

Check Out: What is 1 thing the other leaders at this table can do to support you?
Follow Up: Next mtg bring your 1 Page and a top priority from the "SHARED" list in Sports Team Model.
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