thoughts @ thinkspawn
thoughts @ thinkspawn

1 year level-up plan

“Will this make the boat go faster?”
[wip] My achievements on 1 July 2023 will be:
Too many things— simplify for focus
Money: Be debt free
Get payment plans accepted by 1 September
Build a public burn-down dashboard by 1 October
Stay on track w/payments
Art: Perform a music show using my own technology
Quit vaping for my voice sake by 1 December 2022
Get a mentor / start a community by 1 October
Focus on this for a half day each week by 1 September 2022
Plan the show by 1 March 2022
People: Have high quality interactions
Online: w/AI feedback loops & better collab tools
Offline: actually seeing people & doing things together
Help someone level-up each quarter
Tech & making: Consistently building new things with people
Explore AI
Explore blockchain, web3 / web5
Explore AR/VR
Consistently build in public (this blog, twitter, YouTube...)
Wellbeing & environment level-up
Have consistent, simple, daily, weekly and quarterly rhythms that prioritise self care, adventure, learning and play.
Start an accountability / life blog thing and just be as open as possible about life & challenges
Have a net-positive leveraged impact on the world
No idea how to measure this
Could be cool to empower people to build startups that I would be a customer for
Knowledge work?
General strategy
Public accountability
Consistent input
Sharing progress
Consistent rhythms
Focus work
Moving / stretching
1 hour planning & 1 hour review
2 self care sessions
Planning day & review day
1 week offline time
Smart sequencing
Focus on meditation immediately, this will improve everything

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