Welcome and Instructions

Welcome to my To-Do list.
Features of note:
Recurring Tasks > When you create a task you have the option to select a recurrence. This can be Daily, Weekly (on set days), Monthly, Yearly. All of the options are available to you and the top status under the Recurrence header will let you know if you have anything misconfigured.
Steps > Each task links to a sub table where you can quickly add and remove sub-steps. These are carried over during recurrence.
> Created a table where you can create template tasks for those repetitive tasks you need to do that might not be something you can set on a recurring schedule.
Views and other features:
If you are like me and you add everything as a task it can get quite daunting as they start to pile up. To help with this I have provided multiple views including:
> Grouped by core date marks. Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Next Week, Everything Else.
> Grouped tasks by buckets for Pending, In Progress, On Hold, Stuck, Delayed
> All active tasks grouped by their due date rather than collective groups such as “this week”. This will allow you to see what you have day by day.
> Some days you want to pick and choose the tasks you want to focus on, regardless of when they are due. Simply click the Add to My Day button on any task and it will show in this view. At midnight this list will clear. This is not an automation but rather a date filter. Tasks tagged as My Day tasks work by having today’s date put in a field which then filters out when the day ticks over.
Heading colour > I appreciate that not everyone will enjoy the purple colour of the headings. You can adjust this by changing the Hex value on

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