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Icode Cupertino Summer Camps 2023
Icode Cupertino Summer Camps 2023

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Robot Squads: Engineering Team Challenge
Battle of the Bots: Tournament of Champions
Drone Code: Programming with Python 3
Scratch Programming for Beginners
Hey Siri: AI & Machine Learning with Python 3
Cyber Agent: Protect Your Community with Cybersecurity
Web Developer: Website Coding & Design
YouTube Creator: Learn Production Basics
Creative Lab: 3D Printing and Design
Artist’s Studio: 2D and 3D Digital Design
Animation Creation: Exploring Today’s Digital Tools
Photography and Digital Arts
Digital Music with Sonic Pi
Minecraft: Modding Adventure
Roblox Editor: Create and Code your World
Game Builder: Creating with Construct 3
VR Creator: Fun with Unity and Oculus
Unreal Engine Game and Graphic Design
To Infinity and Beyond: Engineering Journey through Space
Shark Tank: Create & Pitch Your Own Product!
Engineering Exploration: Intro to Engineering Concepts
Texas Instruments Summer Camp
Robot Squads: Engineering Team Challenge
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