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Learning from home has now finished. Thanks you to everyone who has helped make this work. This site will remain as a memory of this piece of history.

NSW DoE COVID-19 - Advice to families
Return to School

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Parent Updates from the School
1 October, 2021
We hope that you all had a good two weeks of break and that your children were able to recharge in the most glorious sunshine we have been enjoying.
Term 4 of the 2021 school recommences on Tuesday 5 October with a recommencement of our learning from home program. The details of next weeks programs are available now on our

, and explainer videos will be available from late Monday afternoon for each of our groups.

Much has happened with news over this period, and of course, a hot topic item was a changed return to school plan. These plans saw a return to students a week earlier than before, according to the schedule. Starting with Kindergarten and Year 1 on 18 October, years 2 and 6 on 25 October and years 3, 5 and 6 on 1 November.

Following discussion with the Port Hacking DEL, Peter Rouse, we have been provided with approval for a revised return to the school schedule for Cronulla South Public School. The revised plan was asked for because of the unique conditions of the split-site enabling us to operate as two small schools and the large number of composite and stage classes that are operating, particularly in 3-6 where all classes are stage/composites.

The schedule is now:
18 October - Years K to 2 return
- operating as a separate school on the northern site under level 3+ conditions
25 October - Years 3 to 6 return
- operating as a separate school on the southern site under level 3+ conditions
1 November - Years K-6 operate under level 3 conditions
While the school is under level 3+ conditions, there will be a staggered start and end time with K-2 operating under regular times and 3-6 operating on a schedule of 10 minutes in delay - they'll finish at 3 pm instead of 2:50 pm. There will be separate office and sick bay installations on both sites and Ms Pryor acting as the associate principal on the northern site for these two weeks. There will also be separate RFF programs.

When level 3 recommences on 1 November, we will no longer need to operate as two schools.

We believe that this will allow teaching programs to commence quickly and assuredly and reduce your impact. Much is lamented about our split-site; however, we can use it as an advantage and capitalise on the very high rates of vaccination in the Sutherlandshire LGA, which should be over 80% double-dose by 18 October. These are unique conditions that come together to allow us the extra week for our year 2 to 6 students in the classroom face to face with their teacher in term 4.
Over the next week, there will be more information passed on to you and next Thursday, 7 October, there will be a Zoom webinar that will go through the details of the return and offer an opportunity for you to ask questions. These will be in the same time slots at 8 am, 1 pm and 4 pm as before. They will also field questions about parent-teacher interviews and reports.

We look forward to connecting with you then, and once again, welcome back.

7 September , 2021 - Learning from Home - Week 9 - September 7 Zoom Parent Check In

Below you will find all of the updates from the school that were sent out via SchoolZine. Use the disclosure triangles to collapse and uncollapse content you wish to read.
31 August, 2021
Students and Mask Wearing
The school has received some communication from parents around mask wearing and primary school students. This email is intended to reiterate the schools' position.
As an NSW Government school, we implement the health advice passed onto us by the NSW Government, and NSW Health represents the department that advises on health.
As part of the return to school plan announced last week, high school students will be required to wear masks in attendance at school. Primary school students are also now highly recommended to wear masks.
When in attendance at school, it is highly recommended that they wear masks. At this stage it is not a requirement. As such, we will be prompting students to wear maks but if they feel uncomfortable doing this, they will not be made to.
If you are an essential worker who sends your child(ren) to school during this pre-return to school time, please talk to your children about their options. Should they wish not to wear a mask, they simply have to say. 'I don't want to'. Equally, if they wish to, we suggest you provide a mask that is comfortable for them to wear.
While we are able to under the current policy, the school takes this freedom of choice very seriously and it is important that children respect each other for their choice. This is the approach that we will be taking at school both before and during the return to school, as well as any period after under the current policy.
Should it change we will email you so it is very important that you read the correspondence from the school.

27 August, 2021
Dear Parents,
Good evening as promised at today's splendid assembly there would be an announcement on the return to school and the plans in hand for that. Indeed, today, at 11 am, there was an announcement by the Premier and NSW Education Minister. This is a plan to bring students back in a COVID-safe

way while stay at home orders are still in place. This plan ensures that there's a continuity of education while also protecting student, teacher and community safety. The plan puts the safety of our school community at the centre.

Today it was announced that home learning will continue Friday 22 October (end of Term 4 - Week 3) and then a
staggered return of students to face-to-face learning will begin on Monday 25 October (Term 4 Week 4).
Monday 25 October – Kindergarten and Year 1 will return
From 1 November (Term 4 - Week 5)– Years 2, 6 and 11 will return
From 8 November (Term 4 - Week 6) – Years 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10 will return
Full vaccinations for all school staff across all sectors will be mandatory from 8 November.
Parents are now requested that their children wear a mask at school. This request is now in place for students coming to school as children of essential workers. Clearly, a child wearing their own mask will be more comfortable than the one supplied. We will not be forcing children to wear masks but we do recommend that you ask them to do so.
A threshold of 50 in 100,000 cases in Sutherland Shire will be used to determine whether this plan holds. If it is below this, we will return as above, but if above, NSW Health will advise us not to return until the threshold is met. Likewise, we understand that if there were a spike of cases in our LGA, this may result in a return to Level 4 and the return to learning from home.
We understand that you will have many questions about this and we understand that for many of you this will invoke mixed emotions. We're here to support you so please reach out.

On Wednesday, 8 September, the school executive committee will be holding open Zoom meetings at 8 am, 1 pm and 4 pm to present our plans and for parents to ask questions about what we anticipate. This will be a clearer vision of what the return to school will look like. Ms Pryor, Mrs Waring, Mr Jarman and Mr Lavitt will be in these Zoom sessions.

Zoom Sessions

We'll be running a survey to gather questions in advance for this.
Our learning from home packs will be available after 6 pm today with daily chaptered explainer videos available from Sunday evening.
Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe everyone. On behalf of all the staff, I'd like to say thank you to you all for supporting your students, to our essential workers keeping our economy and vital services ticking over and to the students who do all the hard work at home.

Kind regards,
Dr Neil Lavitt

20 August, 2021
Good afternoon, as we come to the end of our sixth week of Term 3 and Learning from Home, we wanted to update you on our plans for next week, which is Book Week. Additionally, there has just been an official announcement from the NSW Government of the extension to the lockdown. At this time the NSW Department of Education has not announced a continuation of level 4 restrictions for NSW Public Schools, we are assuming this and would also like to give you an assurance that we are now planning for this and to share some of our plans.

Week 7 - Book Week and Staff Wellbeing Week
The theme for Book Week this year is Old Worlds, New Worlds and Other Worlds. Books allow children to explore themes and learn about perspectives, enriching diversity and depth of understanding to encourage creativity and critical literacy. This year's theme is a great one and we will be integrating it into our learning from home program. A summary of the program is included as a PDF. In summary, they include the following.
There is a Flipgrid activity that ties into the theme for the week that runs on Monday and Tuesday;
K-2 and 3-6 Virtual Book Week session that all students are to attend and then some optional sessions for further attendance;
Reviewing of our Bigger, Better, Brighter session if you happened to miss it
K-6 Whole School Assembly on Friday which will be a Zoom Webinar that all students are required to attend and you're welcome as well.
There will be many more references to Book Week in the remainder of learning from home programs.
A summary of a Book Week offering is now available at our

Week 8 and 9
In Week's 8 and 9, we will return to our regular weekly programming complete with morning check-ins and live sessions with Mrs Askew, Ms Paxton and Mr Jennings. We will be commencing a student wellbeing team initiative that will feed into week 10 which will be a bit different (more about that later). There will be live video class sessions in place of afternoon check-ins as well as our series of Number Talks will be continuing for all learning groups.
Our teachers are currently engaged in professional development in the use of rich and challenging tasks in Mathematics and you will start to see some of these appear in programming throughout the week. Additionally, our instructional leadership team led by Mrs Waring and Ms Pryor are developing the capability to launch a new initiative which (like Number Talks) is designed for a face to face classroom, but we will be taking on the challenge to make it an online initiative. It is called, Launch, Explore and Summarise and staff in weeks 8 and 9 will be engaged in professional learning around this initiative.

Week 10 - Student Wellbeing 'Explore' Week.
Week 10 will be a bit different in that we will be reducing the number of conventional learning activities and offering a number of live 'explore' sessions for things like science, music, drama, art, craft, and technology. Additionally, we will still run our morning check-ins but there will be no class check-ins.
Ms Waring and Pryor will be leading our Launch, Explore and Summarise sessions online and our student wellbeing teams will be presenting all week on topics of wellbeing they develop over the next 3 weeks. We'll be rounding the week with a whole school assembly via a Zoom webinar.
We are still in the planning phase, but we felt it would be good to give you a heads up about this.

Parent-Teacher Interviews
We normally hold parent-teacher interviews at the end do Term 3 to provide an opportunity for parents to discuss progress in learning halfway through the semester. Given the learning from home restrictions, we feel it would not be helpful to hold these interviews at the end of Term 3 this year and will look for the beginning of Term 4 and what changes that brings.
We believe they will still then be online. We do want to reiterate though that you are welcome to contact your child's teacher via the
email address - they will then contact you and if necessary arrange a meeting. Stay in touch.

Week 7 Learning Programs
These will be available by 6 pm today on our
with the explainer videos for the week and convenient chapters for each day by 6 pm on Sunday.
Have a great weekend.
Kind regards,
Dr Neil Lavitt

16 August, 2021
Welcome to Week 6. We hope you all had a good weekend. We just wanted to pass on a couple of resources that have come our way that would

Kind regards,
Dr Neil Lavitt
13 August, 2021
As we close the end of week 5 of the third term, it seems odd that we are now exactly halfway through the term. Thank you for your continued support this week. We had some very constructive conversations with members of our community this week and look to build on the fantastic feedback from our surveys to get even better at what we are doing.
Notably, this week we said a bittersweet goodbye to Ms Chapman. Bitter because it is so sad to see such a talented teacher step away from the school but sweet in that she is soon to be bringing more joy into the world with the birth of her third child. We wish her well and look forward to seeing the pictures and, in the long term, her coming back to school. Mr Jennings will be commencing duty on Monday. We look forward to introducing him to you next week.

Our team is ready for a well-earned rest now over the weekend, and the learning program for next week is now available on the
. The explainer videos will as usually be ready for you to watch by 5 pm on Sunday. This week we introduced chapter segments for the days of learning, complete with links so you can easily rewatch segments permanent to that day of learning. Of note, next week is Science Week, so we have lots of extra activities focussed around that for you to enjoy.

I hope you get a chance to enjoy the very springlike weather we have been having. Amongst the lockdown, stay safe and well, and we will see you all next week.

Kind Regards,
Dr Neil Lavitt

6 August, 2021
As we come to the end of week 4 of learning from home, I am pleased to announce that next weeks program and resources are now available on the Parent - Learning From Home Information site in the Learning - Week 5 section. As usual, the explainer videos will be available on Sunday.
Thank you to the families that came to watch our Learning from home - webinar yesterday. The recording is available at:

Next week we will continue to support our families at home and at school for those students who need to attend due to their parents being essential workers. Onsite we will be providing minimum supervision to ensure the continuity of duty of care for these workers. We start the week with our Bigger, Better, Brighter performance online performance on Monday which would have been live at school.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody, stay safe and be healthy.

Kind regards,
Dr Neil Lavitt

30 July, 2021
I hope that you are all well and thank you for your support during another week of learning from home. The
has been updated with the
including access to offline printables. The explainer videos that guide the week for parents will arrive by Sunday afternoon. They are well worthwhile to get the most out of the program.

Next week we will be introducing live Number Talks once a week for each of our learning groups. These Number Talks will feature follow up activities. They will replace one of the afternoon check-ins and are an important part of learning from home.

Additionally, the school requests your help by completing a survey that will allow us to get better. I can tell you that our teachers have been working very hard and are very positive about the weeks ahead. Many of us are parents also, and that perspective feeds our desire to offer the best possible program we can with the resources available to us.

As the principal of the school, my responsibility is to coordinate and assess the program and work with other principals in our network, the school executive and the teachers to make it the most consistent best effort yet. We know that programs differ across schools but parents are reminded not to compare as every school has different in context. Wellbeing in our whole community is paramount. That includes the students, the staff and the parents. I understand that a team effort will deliver the best outcome for all.

Your link was not successfully embedded. Please try again with a different URL.

Only one response per family is required.

The survey has four short sections and should take no more than 3-5 minutes to complete.

Kind Regards,
Dr Neil Lavitt
28 July, 2021
From Week 3 Newsletter
Welcome to our week 3 newsletter of Term 3 and Semester 2. Like the last newsletter, this is shorter than normal newsletters due to the focus on the learning from home status of the school. Our teachers have been working hard over these past 2 weeks to ensure the continuity of learning for all students. I have been trying to communicate as soon as information is passed to me as I know how stressful it can be not knowing what you need to plan for.
Today, the Premier announced an additional 4 weeks of lockdown.

The Department of Education has confirmed this as indicating an extension of level 4 restrictions for schools in the greater Sydney area. Henceforth, our distance learning program will be extended until the end of Week 7 or Friday 27 August. This allows us to confirm that the stage 3 camp to Bathurst has been abandoned for the year. The office will be providing a full refund to all families that have paid money for this. Additionally, because our Book Week and Open Day fall in the same period, the Open Day is being cancelled for this year. The Book Parade, however, will be postponed as we know how much this means to students. Assuming that we see a change to restrictions and we can have all of our students back on site, we will do a book parade, albeit most probably without parents in attendance. We'll be live streaming this to ensure that you benefit from the experience. Book Week will be celebrated still while learning from home.

Once again, thank you for following the health advice that students must stay at home. At school, we now have students in a K-6 group. We understand that you may need to send your child to school if you work in an essential workplace. In the room, we fulfil our responsibilities of duty of care to keep children safe and direct students to the online and offline materials. We have two teachers and an executive and have now been allowed to have one office staff member onsite. This has allowed us to direct our big effort to our distance learning effort, led by Mrs Waring for 3-6 and Ms Pryor for K-2. I want to thank them for their big effort as they themselves have been involved in continuing professional learning that feeds into the numeracy initiative of our school improvement plan.

This edition of the newsletter contains information in the relevant K-2 and 3-6 sections related to the distance learning program. There is also an exciting announcement of a video making project which we invite all students to get involved in, particularly our 3-6 students.
23 July, 2021
I hope that you are all well and staying safe in these unprecedented times. As we close the second week of Level 4 restrictions at school where children are learning from home, I wanted to thank all of your doe supporting so strongly the government message that all students must stay at home. Today, all of the principals in the Port Hacking Network were speaking with the Executive Director Deb Summer-Heyes. In the School Performance Network, she leads, there are schools where entire families have become infected with COVID-19. This is a serious virus that all need to work together to contain.

In return, we have all been trying very hard to support learning at home. Our
has now been updated with the learning for next week so that should you wish you can plan for it. The explainer videos from Ms Pryor for K, year 1 and year, and Mrs Waring for Stage 2 and Stage 3 will also be added over the weekend. We urge you to view these so that you can be comfortable with what your children have to do.

Last night the Kindy team, led by Ms Pryor and supported by Mr Taylor, Mr Jarman, Mrs Newton, Mrs Nilan, Mrs Buikema as well as three of our fabulous students Joel, Emeline and Ryan, did a marvellous job of presenting prospective parents with the information they need for coming to the school. If you feel compelled, you can
. What an amazing team effort at such a difficult time for everyone.

This week our stage 2 and 3 teams introduced an audio feedback tool called
. This amazingly simple tool allows our teachers to provide quality feedback as transcribable and translatable audio recordings to work completed online in Google Docs. The tool will benefit students in many other areas as it is rolled out in providing voice instructions within Google Docs, Forms and Slides (learning presentations). This is a true blended learning tool that will complement the use of SeeSaw in K-2.

Additionally, this week Mrs Askew started doing some live sessions with learning support groups. Next week we will be expanding this with Mrs Hamill and Mrs Askew both providing some small group online support.

We will never replace a truly face-to-face classroom environment but we will work hard to ensure that your children's learning needs are met while we are locked down. Thank you for continuing to support the learning from home program.

Kind regards,

Dr Neil Lavitt

18 July, 2021 pt 2 - 6:30 pm
Apologies for yet another email this Sunday. In addition to the advice provided to you earlier today, the NSW Department of Education has directed us to make some changes to our operations onsite.
These include:
No office staff are to work onsite, including SLSO's GA's, SAM's
We are to heavily restrict teachers onsite to a skeleton crew needed to provide a minimum level of supervision. This will include, if necessary, bigger groups of children.
All K-2 students will be kept in one space and all 3-6 students in another;
No visitors to the school site will be allowed;
Pick up and drop off services remain unchanged except for wet weather where we will now require all students to come to the southern site. If it is wet, please provide them with a spray jacket to keep them dry during cross-site movement - no umbrellas;
The school phone will be directed offsite to SASS staff;
The lunch break will be shortened to 30 minutes including eating;
There will be 1 supporting teacher and an executive teacher to provide a minimum service onsite to ensure the continuity of our duty of care.
SCOOSH will remain open but they will not be providing a service to any children who do not attend the school site during the day.
Our commitment to meeting the needs of families of essential worker are unchanged. If you are not an essential worker please follow the advice and support your children to participate in the Learning from Home program as laid out on the
We will continue to keep you updated with the latest information as the situation continues to evolve.
Kind regards,
Dr Neil Lavitt
18 July, 2021 pt 1 - 3:30 pm
I hope that you are enjoying your stay at home weekend. As the situation continues to evolve, you will be aware of some enhanced restrictions impacting the Greater Sydney area and more so in the three LGAs most impacted by COVID-19 case numbers.

The restrictions in school remain largely unchanged. However, our message for parents who are not in essential work has changed.
Parents must keep children - of all ages, across primary and secondary schooling and early childcare - home if they can. Students will be supported to learn from home. Schools and early childhood education and care services, including Out Of School Hours Care services, are open for any child that needs it. Thank you for your support.

For Cronulla South Public School, we continue to provide onsite support for children of parents who are essential workers, and who are unable to work together to provide supervision while learning from home.

Our Week 2 learning programs are available on the
. The stage 2 and 3 explainer videos will be available later this afternoon or early evening. These are for parents to understand how the weekly activities are structured. We continue to provide support via our dedicated
account. Your feedback helps us understand how to adapt our programs.
We'll continue to keep you informed as the situation evolves. Parents must not come on school grounds unless explicitly invited.

On a brighter note, we welcome back Mrs Pryor, who is back from her long service leave after getting married. She still wishes to be known professionally by her maiden surname, and thus from now on, will be Ms Pryor. All of the school staff would like to thank Ms Bennett, who was extraordinary in relieving for Ms Pryor.

16 July, 2021
Good morning everyone. As we come to the end of our first week of supporting learning from home, I want to thank you all for your patience, understanding and feedback during these past few days. Speaking to some of the other principal's in our network who I speak with frequently, it is clear that we have great communities in the Port Hacking region. You are parents who care deeply about your children's education and who have high expectations of the schools they go to. Thank you so much for being so supportive.

Our staff are busy putting the finishing touches on our week 2 program. This will be published on the
late this afternoon with additional content, including explainer videos appearing over the weekend. In most cases, you shouldn't have to refresh the site, but it may help if you do.

The program next week will have some additional items with Mr Taylor who has been a stalwart of our essential worker classes, diverting some of his time to preparing and giving music and library activities. Additionally, Mrs Askew and Ms Hamill will start to contact families of our children who have been receiving additional learning and language support so that we may continue to support them while they are at home. Additionally, Mark, our Got Game teacher, will be providing some PE activities that you'll be able to do at home.
We have had some parents with issues with accessing PDF documents. We understand these have mainly been on Windows Machines. It is important when they are using Windows that you use the Google Chrome web browser. The Internet Explorer browser is not compatible with Google Drive, Docs and Slides and with many of the other online services we use.
To help with this, we have put some pages on the Parent - Learning from Home Information site in the Technology section. These are pages that point to good quality YouTube videos.

I can vouch for the making of Google Chrome profiles. I personally do this for my son's Department of Education account. It allows him to flexibly use my computer when I am not using it and allow me to stay in touch with what he is up to. It essentially removes the issue of mixed passwords and allows bookmarks to be kept separate. If your child has a Chromebook, you can still create a Chrome profile on a Windows or Mac OS computer, and all will appear as it does for the Chromebook account. The other great thing about Chrome profiles is if you have more than one child in the house. They can have different Chrome profiles and share the computer. Chrome profiles work on Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems.
The is also a page on creating PDF's from student work for submittal. IN 2021 this is insanely easy if you have a Smart Android or Apple iPhone. The page is:
When you combine this with the Google Classroom app and SeeSaw apps, submitting work is never easier.
As always, we are here to help at

Kind regards,
Dr Neil Lavitt

14 July, 2021
From the Term 3 Week 1

Welcome to our first newsletter of Semester 2 and Term 3. What a difference a few weeks makes as we move into yet another period of COVID-19 restrictions. As you know from all of the communication that has been sent to you over this past 2 weeks, we as a community have had to turn on a dime yet again and pivot to a hybrid model of distance learning, with essential worker students onsite and many students at home. We had a great response to our survey last week, which allowed us to plan more effectively. We certainly learned from the lessons of last year and changed some things this time around to make things easier. We definitely understood that good communication is the key and for our teachers who this time have greater restrictions while at school, it was definitely important to work in close teams. We have been leveraging some of the online platforms to allow us to succeed in this.
Suffice to say that this will be a shorter newsletter. Much because much information has already been passed onto you, but also due to the new restrictions, many things set up for the term have had to be cancelled or postponed.
We held two Zoom Q&A parents information sessions yesterday, and it appears from these and teacher feedback that there has been a good start to the program. We are cautious about patting ourselves on the back too early, though we must keep modifying because this is difficult to achieve.
At this time, the Department of Education deems us as being at level 4 restrictions which is the only level students learn from home. This level also comes with some harsh restrictions around adults working onsite. We all have to wear face masks indoors, and non-essential visitors, including parents, are not allowed on site. This continues into level 3, with the only difference being that we have all students on site. We will not be able to function with excursions, camps, PSSA until we reach Level 1 restrictions. We now know from the Premier that restrictions will continue until at least 30 July and as such so will the Level 4 status for schools with learning from home unless you need to send your children to school.
That being said, I can tell you that all the teaching a learning team is in good spirits. I'll definitely be staying in touch with you over the coming days and weeks as things develop.

As mentioned in the Principal's message, we are currently under Level 4 restrictions. The NSW Department of Education has an extensive website that is aimed at providing families with all the information that they need.

Is an extensive site that provides you with all of the advice required to make good decisions on matters related to COVID-19. We particularly urge you to look at the information on its site and bookmark it or add it to your phone's home screen as this site is frequently updated with the very latest information and in most cases allows you to make good decisions. The key areas to look at here relates to advice on getting tested if
and on

Staff will continue to send children who present to school with Flu-like symptoms home. Please have them COVID-19 tested unless you have received specific exemptions that allow them to be waived of this. Even then, we request you keep them at home until they are symptom-free, particularly while we are at level 4 with students learning from home.
More questions and answers are available at the
prepared by the school.

12 July, 2021
We are happy to be able to launch our learning from home response for Term 3.
Our teaching team has been working hard, and our Executive started the planning for this last week. So that we can provide the maximum response, we have put together an informative website.
This site is built on a technology project called Coda which the school has been using to build our own intranet solution. The public side of the site can be edited rapidly on our side in response to the changing needs. At this stage, there is learning for Term 3 Week 1.
The website is divided into three sections.
The technology section provides information on how to access the portal and use the login details for all of the passwords and codes which are just now being sent out by Mr Jarman. You should start to receive them shortly. This email will contain all of the login information that you need to access online programs.
The Learning section contains subpages for each of the year's groups of learning and details all of the information that you need. It is still being finalised so we suggest that you have a look and then come back to it tomorrow morning when it should be ready to go. Make sure that you practise getting into Microsoft Teams using the guides available in the technology section and go to the channel tomorrow morning at the check-in time. You just have to join the meeting that is open for you. Use the links in the Learning sections relating to the Teams Meetings. All meetings are in the General channels.
Tomorrow lunchtime at 12 pm and again at 7 pm. I will be hosting some short question and answer sessions so that we can iron out any problems that inevitably occur.

We have all been working very hard and we know this will always be hard for you but we believe we can do this together.
Don't forget to bookmark the information site and refresh the page as you revisit. We will look to advise you of updates. Stay safe and we'll talk soon.

9 July, 2021
Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the Departments’ guidelines have been updated in line with the advice on the restrictions and stay-at-home orders as announced by the NSW Premier on Wednesday 7 July. When planning for events and school activities we continue to review and follow appropriate guidelines to ensure we follow the relevant requirements. Updated advice for families can be found here

What’s changed.
- For Week 1 Term 3 12 July 2021 to 16 July 2021 parents are encouraged to have their children learn from home. Thank you for the 88% responses to our survey. Based on this we have been able to plan teachers on-site next week and allow most teachers to work at home to support distance learning.

- All non–core curriculum-related activities will cease on the school site.
- We will provide a program of learning for students who attend school, and students who are learning from home.

This will consist of:
Daily check-ins for Kindergarten, Year 1, Year 2, Years 3&4, Years 5&6 via Microsoft Teams. Portal login details will be reset and distributed to parent email accounts. Additionally, technical support will be provided via the email address:

Please do not phone the school office or email the school address requesting technical support. You can use a mobile Android or Apple iPhone to watch Teams check-ins if you don't have a phone. Technical support will also be provided via learning from the home support site that you will be provided with a link to on Sunday.
Ms Bennett and Ms Waring will be contacting you on Monday regarding the content of the learning from home program and Mr Jarman will be sending you passwords and portal details for those who are unsure. Please look out for these about mid-afternoon on Monday.
A program of learning will be provided for this week and will be also distributed by email and linked online. The material will include worksheets and offline material. We will not be printing packs given the timeframe and you are requested to use services such as
, which I can vouch for is very good and can be done remotely with a pickup arranged.
School operations.
- Further advice will be provided about opportunity class (OC) exams as we find out about them. 
- Outside of school hours care (SCOOSH) will continue to operate for those who need it.
- Minimum staff will be on-site to oversee one unit of learning for students attending school
- Flexible syllabus requirements are in place.
- Our canteens and uniform stores will not operate.
- No before and after school community use arrangements- excluding SCHOOSH.
- Continued enhanced cleaning and hygiene supply arrangements.
- No scripture or ethics (SRE).
- No P&C activities on school grounds.

Attending school.
Students must not attend school if unwell, even with mild symptoms of COVID-19. Any student with any COVID-19 symptoms must be sent home and not return to school unless:
- they have isolated for 10 days when no medical certificate is available
- they have a negative COVID-19 test result and are symptom-free.
In circumstances where students have other medical reasons for recurrent symptoms, a letter from their GP is sufficient to negate the requirement for a negative test. As previously stated. A symptom-free period of 3 days applies in addition to the 10 days so if on day 10 they are symptom-free you must not send them until Day 13.

Non-essential visitors
are not permitted on school sites
, including parents and carers. Please do not come to the school office during this time. Call the school or email and we will help you that way.
The NSW Government have introduced mandatory QR codes in schools. All staff and visitors permitted on school sites will be required to check-in and check out using the QR codes.

Drop Off
K-2 students and 3-6 students are to drop off at the Office gate on Ewos Parade.
In the case of wet weather
, K-2 drop off will happen at the Trevellyan Street gate and 3-6 at the Ewos Parade gate. No other gates will be open. ALL students must hand sanitise upon entry.

Pick Up
The K-2 pickup site for all students next week will be the car park on Trevellyan Street at 2:50 pm. Parents and carers are asked to stay in the car at pick up if safe to do so.
3-6 students will be picked up outside the school gates at a prearranged spot. The only southern site gate open at pickup will be the Ewos Parade gate. Parents picking up children are to socially-distance and mask-wearing is suggested.

K-6 students are not required to wear a mask. However, if they want to, a student may wear a mask. A mask must not be used because you think it will protect other students from your child being sick. We refer you to the COVID-19 health advice for testing in this case.

7 July, 2021
As we move into the middle of the second week of the school holiday, I can now provide you with some updated information about operations at the school next week from Tuesday.
Week 1 from Tuesday 13 July will be learning from home in a distance learning mode.
You are encouraged to keep your children at home unless you have no other option.
Children of essential workers who attend school will be supervised by staff and will be learning the same material as at home.
The shape and nature of the distance learning program will be discussed by the school executive this afternoon and more information will be passed onto you in the coming days. Please stand by.
There will be no assemblies, PSSA trials, band, dance, canteen in week 1 at least.
Parents may come to the office but are expected to wear a mask at the counter. Office staff will be wearing masks and will ask you to leave if you do not have a mask. Children are not expected to wear. Parents may not bring their children onsite and must socially distance outside the gates.
There will be no parent meetings in week 1 unless they are online.
We are bound to have more information as it unfolds. I just wanted to get the information to you as soon as possible so you can make arrangements.
The announcement by the Premier today will be for an extension of the lockdown for the Greater Sydney area. I am sure you know that there are great concerns about the Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus and how it appears to be more transmissible in young children. It is now more critical than ever to be aware of not sending children to school with COVID-19 symptoms. They must be tested to clear them.
Take care and we'll be in touch again with more information relevant to week 1.

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