Your Onboarding Schedule


Here you’ll find our onboarding process for getting your hospital up and running with ! Over a series of strategic planning sessions, Vetstoria will be tailored to fit the needs of your hospital and team. We’ll keep these calls simple and streamlined (and fun)! So, here’s to saving time and reducing front desk stress! 👍
Before We Begin
Check out this to Vetstoria, guaranteed to get you excited about online appointment booking!
Get to know your . We’re excited to get to know you, too.
Determine team members at your hospital that will act as Vetstoria Champions. In addition to the Practice Manager, this may be a lead CSR or PIMS-expert. We recommend no more than two team members.
Review your to learn more details about what’s ahead!
Step One: Kickoff Call
When: Our goal is to complete the kickoff call within the next 1.5 weeks.
Duration: 45 Minutes
Attendees: Your Onboarding Team, Core Leader and Vetstoria Champions
The objective of this call is to set onboarding expectations for your hospital.
After an introduction to the platform, you will have the opportunity to convey to the Vetstoria team all the things that your reception team “just knows” when booking appointments, along with any special PIMS setups and rules you want implemented in the system. They’ll walk you through this process and ask detailed questions to gather this information. After this call, you’ll have a greater understanding of how Vetstoria reduces front-desk hassles, leading to longer, more relaxing lunch breaks!
We recommend that the expert on appointment booking on your team attends.

Step Two: Checklist Review
When: 1.5 weeks after the Kickoff call.
Duration: 1 Hour
Attendees: Your Onboarding Team and Practice Manager
Vetstoria will walk us through your custom setup, making any final changes as needed. We’ll make sure the main contact at the hospital (you!) understands the next steps and how to manage everything moving forward. We will double check your customizations to ensure the pet owner and hospital journey are smooth, correct and working optimally. After this call, you’ll start to see how your front desk operations will improve, creating a better client experience overall (spoiler: more happy pet parents coming your way)!

Step Three: Prelaunch Call
When: 1.5 weeks after the Checklist Review call
Duration: 45 Minutes
Attendees: Your Onboarding Team and Practice Manager
Vetstoria will provide a test link for your team to create a few test bookings to ensure that everything is set up correctly. Once we are certain it’s good to go, we’ll alert the Whiskercloud team to update the website, and change over some details in regards to PetDesk and reminders. Queue the confetti! 🎉

Step Four: One Month Check-in
When: One month after launch
Duration: 30 Minutes
Attendees: Your Onboarding Team and Vetstoria Champions
After one month being live, we’ll all come together and see how it’s going, review areas for improvement, and celebrate successes! 🌟
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