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Mentorship Program

Program Overview

Little Robot Mentorship Opportunity
- a no-code/low-code software development agency - is launching a 1-on-1 technical mentorship program focusing on Coda. The program will be taught by myself (Courtney) and will consist of working on a project together from start to finish.

About Little Robot

Little Robot is a division - a small full-stack custom software agency based in British Columbia, Canada. When we started hearing about the no-code/low-code hype a few years ago at Two Story Robot, we tested out building some apps in these platforms and quickly realized how much potential they had due to the speed of development. We did one project for a client in Coda and, after seeing it’s success, launched Little Robot.
Fast forward a few years, and we’ve now done countless no-code projects and have a team of 4 developers/designers building these apps. We have used several no-code platforms, including
, and , and integrated them with tons of other apps using tools like
, , and
Our no-code company has the advantage of working alongside a full-stack web development team, including a couple team members who do both full-stack and no-code development, so we’ve also built lots of custom Bubble integrations and Coda Packs to achieve the functionality our clients are looking for in their apps.

About Me

I am both a full-stack web developer at Two Story Robot and a no-code developer (focusing on Coda) at Little Robot. I’ve been working here for 2 years now and have learned a ton since starting, as someone coming from a non-programming background.
My degree was actually in Mechanical Engineering, and in it I only brushed the surface of the programming world using tools like MATLAB. After graduating, I decided I wanted more fast-paced work, so began a job as a process consultant where I helped large businesses such as manufacturing plants improve their operational efficiencies. After two years of that job, I realized it wasn’t quite what I wanted to do and was ready for a change.
I had spent a lot of time working in Excel during my process consulting job and had picked up a fair bit of VBA by this point. It was one of the aspects of my job that I most enjoyed, so I decided to take a chance and give software development a try. It didn’t take long before I knew I had found something I loved, and soon found myself working here at Two Story Robot.
Now, I can confidently build apps in both custom software and in Coda, and would like to use my knowledge and journey to help someone else who’s new to app development build their own skillset.

About the Program

This mentorship program will involve working on a project together (likely in Coda) from start to finish. It will last anywhere from 3-6 months depending on the size of the project (TBD). Towards the beginning, it will consists of more hands-on development (”pair programming”), and then later will transition into more of the mentee doing the doc/app-building with guidance and feedback from myself.
We haven’t decided on the specific project or time requirements yet as it will depend on the mentee’s interests and availability as well as the projects we have in the pipeline at the time when we start. Depending on the time commitments and duration of the project, the mentee may also get compensated for their work.

Candidate Requirements

We are looking for someone who is relatively new to Coda and/or web development but has a strong interest in learning and becoming an expert at it. The candidate must also have strong technical problem solving skills, be driven, and be open to feedback. Having existing technical skills such as a strong background in Excel would be a bonus.

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