Download, email, or upload to your Coda tables to Google

Export Coda tables with buttons or automations directly to your computer, Google Drive, or as email attachments. We expect to release by August, 2022.


Export Tables Pro

The Coda pack brings powerful exporting formulas and features to your doc including:
Downloading tables
Use the Export formula to download Coda tables to your computer as CSV or XLSX files
Sending tables as email attachments
Use the SendAsEmailAttachment formula to send tables as email attachments to anyone by either scheduling it in an automation or putting it in a button

Data formatting and table styling
This Pack ensures exported tables format your data correctly in Excel, including numbers, percentages, dates, times, durations, and currencies
All exported tables will also have auto-fitted column widths and bold headings
Exporting Image Columns
If enabled, image URL columns will display images in exported files


Export to Google Workspace

The Coda pack can be used with Export Tables Pro to export your Coda tables to Google apps. The formulas work in automations or in buttons and allow you to:
Export to Google Drive
Use the UploadToGoogleDrive formula upload your Coda table to your Google Drive
Or, upload any file from your Coda doc directly to Google Drive.

Export to Google Sheets
Use the UploadToGoogleSheets formula to export your Coda table as a Google Sheet
Or, export any CSV or XLSX file in your Coda doc as a Google Sheet


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