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Hello all, I’m Dan Coulter, a Product Owner, lifelong learner, and Crew Member at Vanguard. This is a space where I’m documenting things I am learning about programming, product, design, and more.
I am recognized for my ability to understand product market fit and create products that solve complex problems. I have expertise in running agile teams, product road mapping, PI planning, user story writing, product marketing, and strategic decision making. I am often sought to consult on projects in crisis and turn them around.

Key Accomplishments

• Product Owner for Vanguard working on several pages within the Secure Site. In this role, I have worked to implement a modernized (serverless) architecture for the UI which will allow us greater flexibility for testing enhancements and changes to the site
• Built an electronic delivery platform for Charles Schwab allowing the 401k side of the business to reduce paper delivery of regulatory documents, while providing an opt-out/opt-in toolkit allowing for quick changes and future legislative enhancements
• Product Manager responsible for redesign and launch LPL’s client facing web and mobile platform, AccountView
- Enhanced client experience focused on solving client needs and experience
- Delivered cost saving features designed to save 31M in operating costs annually
• Translated customer feedback, market insights, and business needs to deliver on-time and on-budget LPL’s first integrated model management trading platform
• Facilitated the shift from waterfall to agile within multiple product verticals
• Created and hosted an organizational training series, bringing leaders together to break down silos and empower change and technology adoption
• Responsible for presenting Product and Technology strategy, for LPL’s national conferences

Professional Skills

• SAFe 5 Certified Product Owner/Product Manager with experience leading multiple agile teams
• Experience leading teams with Scrum, SAFe, and Kanban agile methods
• Product and project management research, analysis, and strategy
• Public speaking, training, facilitation, and coaching
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Aggregation of marginal gains

One of my strengths from Strengths Finder is “Data.” I am a bit of a sponge. I love learning and developing skills. I like to take some time every day to work on my skill stack. There is a concept called the . Essentially, if you spend a few minutes a day getting better at something, by the time a year has gone, you will be MUCH better at that something. This is similar to the idea of sharpening your saw. I encourage all of my team mates to take time every day to continue learning a skill or sharpening the saw.
James Clear has a great simple example on his site:
Overall, doing a little every day to get better will allow you to be in a whole new place by the end of a year. Go work on your talent stack!
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