Building in Public
Building in Public

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The Beginning

The process of launching products that scale

The Product

(The name is not finalized) will be a platform designed to make renting more enjoyable, productive, and convenient experience. The focus is on creating digitally transformative experiences to build better communities. You might think... “It’s something out there like that already”... maybe but in terms of user experience, the market lacks a platform to solve this problem. The
will be built focusing on three main things: Design (User Experience & User Interface), Infrastructure (Tools, Cloud & Scalability), Strategy.

The Process

Not going too far into the weeds here, I will be using the to build quickly. I’ve been coding for more than 5 years now so this methodology is already apart of my workflow. Whether you’re a developer, or using website builders (Wix, Shopify, Wordpress, Webflow) - shipping products will rely heavily on the three main things that follow:
User Experience - all about building products not for yourself, but for your users/consumers. This process is different for each business but at the core you want to focus on research, feedback, and .
Whether it's a Shopify store, a mobile app, or website - evaluating infrastructure and ensuring the tools and technologies you choose are efficient and scalable for your product.
Roadmaps can be daunting, but have a plan! Strategy creates a vision and direction for your product, app, or business. This may be a simple requirements doc on what you want to build, features/products you want to add, and a finished outcome.

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If you haven’t seen, , I already created a landing page without even writing a line of code. This is one way to measure Product Market Fit. This will allow you to talk to potential customers before you even launch your product. Once you find interest in the market and gather feedback, then it's time for the implementation. This can be a social media post to gauge reaction & feedback.
* I have not talked about any marketing or sales as that will be documented as the series continues*
Next content will be focused on the process of launching this app. Emphasizing the three main points above, my approach, and the tools being used to create the app.
If you want to talk, ping me or !
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