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2023 Stay Interviews

Meeting summary

[Agenda 10] summarizes the reasons why employees chose to work at PATH and what keeps them there, including meaningful work, supportive supervision, teamwork, fair pay, and a positive work environment. [Problems & decisions 10] does not provide any specific problems or decisions, as it states "Not started" with no further details.


Stay Interview Response Summaries

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Action Items
Why did you choose to work here, and what keeps you here today?
The employees at PATH have varying backgrounds and reasons for choosing to work there.
Many employees value the supportive supervision and teamwork at PATH.
Some employees were previously homeless or have experience working with homeless populations.
Freedom, flexibility, and a positive work environment are also valued by employees.
The organization provides fair pay and benefits, including holiday, sick, and vacation hours.
Wanted to do more meaningful work
Supportive supervision and good team
Mentoring from boss
Desire to work with homeless population
Making a difference and contributing to communities
Flexibility and trust from leadership
Positive coworkers and caring for residents
Missed HR and supportive manager
What do you look forward to when coming to work each day?
Enjoys seeing clients grow and change, and likes the multi-tasking nature of the job.
Appreciates the level of independence and lack of micromanagement.
Values team meetings and connections with coworkers for better job performance.
Finds purpose in giving back to the community and making a difference in clients' lives.
Enjoys working with people from different backgrounds and advocating for PATH.
Finds satisfaction in receiving emails about donations and activities.
Prays to make a positive impact on others and enjoys facing different challenges.
Seeing clients grow, get housing, and watching them change
Multi-tasking in the interim Housing role
Helping people and being in assistance
Connection with coworkers through team meetings
Learning to take baby steps each day with clients
Making a difference in people's lives
Meeting new people who want to support Path
Advocating for PATH
Dealing with challenges that come up
What aspects of your job do you find most satisfying and fulfilling?
When someone gets a new house and come off the street and takes the next step.
Providing therapy to someone fulfills me, even though it can be lonely working alone in an office.
Making the other staff's life easier in my admin role makes me feel good because I know I am helping.
My teammates were very supportive in helping me learn about computers when I first started working here.
I enjoy interacting with people, including playing with kids and supporting those who need extra help.
Seeing the success of clients, such as being housed or staff who come back, is rewarding.
Helping others who need it makes me feel better.
Help people with therapy
Make staff life easier with scheduling and ordering
Learn how to use devices from supportive teammates
Interact with people and play with kids
Support those who need extra help
Plan and execute successful events for residents
See the success of clients being housed and staff returning
Help others in need
What would make your job more satisfying? If you could change something what that would be?
Many employees are frustrated and angry due to being overworked and burnt out, or due to parking issues.
Suggestion to talk to parking structures to see if they can provide a deal for employees.
Suggestion for more regular positive recognition from supervisors.
Suggestion for in-person department meetings at least quarterly.
Suggestion to offer a 4-day workweek option for employees who have been at PATH for more than 2 years.
Employee in a specific situation needs more therapy hours to gain experience and grow.
Suggestion for more PTO, with more flexibility to spread out time off.
Employee would love to work 4 days a week and have 3 days off.
Suggestion for more interaction from administration above program managers and AD.
Employee would like to move up to leadership.
Suggestion for more support, possibly in the form of someone to look after volunteers.
Issues with timeclock and communication.
Need for more help in payroll team.
Talk to parking structures to accommodate parking spaces by paying for the spots
Provide more positive recognition to employees from supervisors regularly
Have in-person department meetings by quarterly, even if not monthly
Allow employees who have worked for PATH for more than 2 years to have the option to do a 4-day workweek with 10 hour shifts
Provide more therapy hours for AMFTs
Consider creating a therapeutic role instead of case management for AMFTs
Provide more PTO, preferably starting with 15 days
Give more flexibility to spread out when people take time off
Ask staff for input on what would work best in certain situations
Provide more support for staff, specifically those overseeing multiple sites
Improve communication and organization in various areas such as clocking in/out and scheduling events for clients
Expand the payroll team to handle workload better
What do you least like about working for PATH?
Employees are stressed due to various reasons and there is no program manager or supervisor
Parking is a major issue and leads to frustration among employees, which often gets taken out on other staff members
PATH doesn't have therapy services for clients, which could be beneficial for both clients and employees/interns
Staff turnover is high due to burnout and high case loads, which is worsened by understaffing
More team building opportunities and social support are needed, such as workshops, to reduce turnover and improve retention
HR has added staff to speed up the recruitment process and improve recruitment quality
Medical insurance is a concern, with some employees not liking Kaiser and others being uninsured
Security is a major issue, with no around-the-clock security and broken intercoms, leaving employees vulnerable to potential threats
Workload is high for some employees due to understaffing, leading to stress and the need for better communication and transition of responsibilities.
Develop therapy services for clients
Increase team building opportunities and workshops
Improve recruitment process to fill open positions faster
Address understaffing and burnout issues
Provide better communication and notice for system upgrades
Improve security measures for staff safety
Address parking issues.
What aspects of your role or the company culture that could be improved to make your job more enjoyable?
The applicant applied for a job twice at PATH, but received a generic email letter for the second application after 6/7 months stating that someone else got the job. The applicant felt that the response should have been more personal and that they were not appreciated. The lady who got the job had no qualification or experience and left shortly after being hired.
Upper management is very nice, but the process of applying for a job should be better.
Ruth Mejia is a nice and up-to-date person.
More team building and workshops in PATH culture could help prevent burnout.
The applicant loves PATH and wants to stay and grow with the company.
Money is a huge issue, and the applicant feels that better pay is needed to reflect the workload. Sherese and Derrick have been helpful.
PATH schedules staff appreciation and lunches, but the applicant would like to see sober living for women and more support to help them get their kids back through parent care.
At first, the applicant felt left out as the only black person among Hispanics but became close with them after bringing it to their attention.
The applicant would like to see more opportunities for professional development and leadership growth.
The applicant enjoys working with PATH and has always had engaged supervisors.
More help on the team is needed to prevent getting behind on work.
Apply better and more personal communication with employees who apply for other positions within the company.
Implement team building and workshops to prevent burnout.
Improve pay and hire more people to reflect workload.
Create sober living spaces for women trying to stay sober and get their kids back.
Increase opportunities for professional development and growth.
Recognize and compensate employees for their talent and multiple roles.
Provide more support from directors.
Hire more team members to prevent falling behind on tasks.
How would you describe the company's culture, and how well does it align with your values and expectations?
It is a diverse and inclusive organization that represents everyone and does not tolerate discrimination.
Employees feel fulfilled and appreciative of their work and the organization's mission.
The work culture is good and aligned with the organization's values.
Clients and staff are treated with respect and inclusivity.
It is right on with what's going on with the world, they represent everyone, and they don’t tolerate any discrimination. Really good.
Good people who want to help and make small changes for better. What else we here for if not to help others.
It's very diverse and inclusive I feel safe. It is most accepting.
PATH offers a lot of provision for employees, cultures races and ages.
Very welcoming experience, everyone I work with are very nice. Very culturally diverse. For me the mission at the organization helps me keep going and fulfils my role. I believe what we do is meaningful. Very appreciative.
I like the company culture a lot, what Path represent it aligns me, I feel this I how it supposed to be, if I could fake this, I couldn't do what I do. Work culture is good,
pretty good. things changing now in culture across everything. they treat everybody fairly and they don't push me to participate..
We are inclusive with the clients and staff, and I like that, and people are respectful.
What are your career goals, and do you see opportunities for growth and advancement within the company?
The individual has opportunities to advance in their career at PATH, but is unsure if they want to due to personal obligations.
They are currently working at PATH and pursuing a Master's degree in Social work.
They have expressed interest in therapy and potentially working with PATH to establish a dedicated department.
The individual has applied for a managerial position at PATH but was not initially chosen and is seeking feedback.
They feel that PATH should be more proactive in promoting their employees and providing clear career paths.
The individual is content with their current responsibilities but would like to continue learning and growing in their field.
Advance to case manager
Decide if program manager role is desired in the future
Obtain Master's degree and license
Learn more, continue growth
Determine why did not get manager role in August
Determine career path for case managers
Consider promotion in current niche
Grow in payroll and take relevant classes
Do you feel you have the necessary resources and tools to excel in your role?
The employee reads company newsletters and helps new staff members.
They sometimes have trouble meeting with their supervisor due to staff shortages.
They collaborate with colleagues to help each other out.
The employee advocates for their clients and their needs, but sometimes their requests are denied.
They would like to receive a raise to better cover their expenses.
The department is short-staffed and could benefit from more support.
Funding could be more helpful and the employee would appreciate access to a credit card.
The employee generally feels supported by management and can go to them for help if needed.
Help new staff members become familiar with resources and services
Address complaints about PATH's training program
Advocate for clients' needs and ensure they are being met
Request for more pay and a raise
Address shortage of staff and the need for more support in community affairs
Request for more funding and access to a credit card
Have regular meetings with support staff
Address any concerns with management
Are there any specific skills or training you feel would enhance your performance in your current role?
Helping managers and explain them how housing works. Helping to explain resources we offer as many employees have no idea and they are not able to advise the clients. Drive around and show them where the services are. If the staff isn’t aware of that it gets frustrating for clients.
I had all the training that is needed for this. Verbal intervention, I need to renew. We have the possibility to train, and PATH pays for that.
There should be a training on social services in SD and in general - explanation of Federal support services. Similar to housing on-on -one. Income tax credit child tax credit snap benefits SSN insurance, etc. it can be confusing. What support services we can get them connected with. I think it would be beneficial to learn about it.
Yes, each department does case notes different, it makes it very complicated and stressful not just for me but for other peers to input notes. I think more training on the exact protocols on how they want to do case notes would be great.
you can always learn something that's what I believe. I have looked into things like leadership training. I haven't done anything.
More development opportunities. Meet people at conferences who do the same work we do Also we need more storage space. I know other departments could benefit from more storage space as well.
I completed Path academy I went through it. It was very helpful. PATH academy is exclusive and that is great but maybe they can give some of that training to others.
no I am there. I still do the Relias training. I feel I have done everything I could in training.
Look at wage and hour laws. Even basic HR training and courses.
Help managers understand how housing works and explain the resources offered
Renew verbal intervention training
Provide training on social services and federal support services
Provide more training on case note protocols
Provide more development opportunities, such as attending conferences and increasing storage space
Provide more training similar to PATH academy
Look into wage and hour laws and provide basic HR training and courses.
Are there any challenges or concerns that are affecting your work performance or satisfaction?
Staff members have been very angry and frustrated, and raising their voices with other staff members which has a negative effect on others. Supervisors are aware of this and it should be addressed immediately to prevent it from affecting others.
There is a lack of hours in therapy, and support from supervisors and PATH is needed.
Kaiser mental healthcare is not great, and separate insurance is required to get proper mental health care. It can be very difficult to get an appointment through Kaiser, with wait times up to 6 months for a 10-minute appointment.
The program manager has been very helpful and informative, and has become a friend and mentor.
There is a need for an activities coordinator.
Some employees are behind on emails and tasks, and are not receiving support from their supervisors.
Address staff members' behavior and negativity towards others
Increase hours in therapy and provide support from supervisors and PATH
Improve mental healthcare options, including reducing wait times for appointments
Hire an activities coordinator
Improve communication and support between employees and supervisors
What kind of support or recognition from your supervisor would help you thrive in your current role?
The notes include suggestions for more individualized recognition and team recognitions, as well as the desire for more trust and advocacy from supervisors regarding clients' needs. Overall, the team seems to be supportive of each other and appreciative of recognition and respect from their supervisors.
Identify the need for more individualized recognition for team members.
Consider providing recognition beyond team meetings, such as during check-ins.
Advocate for clients and consider alternative options to meet their needs.
Explore options for additional funding to support clients’ needs.
Consider referring internal applicants for positions and putting in a good word for them.
Continue to provide support and recognition for team members.
What would make you more likely to recommend this company to others as a great place to work?
Small recognitions from supervisors
Decent pay, work-life balance, and great team environment
Recommendation of PATH to others
More structured organization
Desire for professional development opportunities and support for career growth
Appreciation for reassessment of pay and benefits
Parking and communication with supervisors as potential issues
Small recognitions from supervisors
Decent pay, life work balance, and great team environment
Hire PTO having more staff for better mental healthcare
Recommend people interested in working with outreach
Structure and change in job experience
More professional development opportunities
Support and transparency in career path
Reassessing pay and benefits
Sorting out parking issues and better response from supervisors
Are there any additional benefits or perks you'd like to see added to our employee package?
The company offers a well-rounded benefits package, with a suggestion to add an option for a 4-day workweek for longer-tenured employees. Mental health benefits are available, as well as gym membership options. The company also provides perks such as team outings and discounts on cell phone bills. Overall, employees seem satisfied with the benefits offered.
Have the option for a 4 day 10 hours workweek for employees who have been here for longer
Access to mental health for everyone working in this field
More flexible gym membership
Maybe union benefits
Combine sick and vacation time and have unrestrictive time
Lower the cost of cell phone bills and union fees
Is there anything else you'd like to share about your experience working here that we haven't covered?
No these were all my notes.
No, its just if I somehow could get more hours in therapy so that would make me stay with PATH.
I didn't get an exit interview and I was upset I didn't get it. People who are living can give good feedback. Actuall interview. This chat was great. More likely they give honest feedback.
No path is great, the people they hire care about each other and the clients. I am proud to be a PATH employee and I am one of the happiest employees. PATH gave me an opportunity to get my life back.

I am grateful I was able to find something to fulfill my career, but it is stressful to due to lack of staff. We gave out 500 baskets.
I think PATH 9.9 half out of 10. Path has always trusted me. CEO knows your name and recognizes your talent; path established a career. and flourish in my personal life. Retaining that talent. Lot of people has that path culture, and they are leaving.
I am proud to be a member of path. I appreciate the dedication. Tyr to help more people.
Get more hours in therapy to stay with PATH
Request an exit interview for feedback
Address the issue of lack of staff to reduce stress
Retain talented employees and address the issue of people leaving with the "PATH culture”
Suggestions from HR
Parking: It would be a good idea to see if PATH can make a deal with any of the Parking structures and rent some parking spaces for PATH employees for a discounted price—the other option to provide a parking stipend for employees who have to drive and struggle with parking.
Training: we had new hires who mentioned this issue, as well as newly hired employees who resigned. They complain about the lack of training programs at PATH.
Training on Services: Another reoccurring issue. I have done re-hire interviews, and it was mentioned that departments should be trained on all the services and have some basic knowledge of other services so they can refer clients to other departments. I also came across this issue in the exit interview questionnaire; the employee stated that they worked with her for a year, and they still needed to learn the services.
Personalized approach for job applications: Perhaps, have the supervisor involved or even provide a call to the employee and explain why they didn't meet the selection and what they can do better, what skills they should improve on, or even provide them with options for other positions that would be more suitable.
PATH internal job fair: Similar to how open enrollment happens with benefits. Virtual or employees interested in other positions could set up an appointment to learn more about the positions before they apply.
Mentorship program: Experienced employees with PATH could mentor newly hired employees for an incentive, a bonus, or a pay raise. They would have an important role in training, but they wouldn't be responsible for supervising a team.
Mobile therapy and tele-therapy: Can PATH provide mobile therapy for multiple buildings to cover more clients and have more hours available for therapists? Maybe even develop a tele-therapy. Where clients could call/ facetime to receive therapy services.
Mental health services provider: PATH should look into another provider as several people mentioned the lack of quality of Kaiser's mental health services.
Alternative benefit provider: Possibly an alternative benefit provider?
Four-day workweek: 4 day 10 hours work week was mentioned here again. I think it would be a good idea to have that option down the line.
Security during the day: Perhaps security on that site during the day would be a good idea especially when there is only one employee on shift and they have to monitor security cameras on top of their duties.
Feedback for internal job applications: I think employees who internally apply to positions should receive more information why they didn't meet the requirements.
Regional events: I like the Regional events. And be able to get discounted sport tickets etc.
Development and internal promotion and job application: Mentioned why you need to apply for a position when it should be your promotion. Path should encourage employees to move up.
Staffing: Staffing issue, his old position still hasn't been filled. This can cause burn out.
IT communication: Better communication on new process from IT. Lack of response when things are asked from them.
Supervisor training: Need of more parking. Supervisor training. Staffing issues.
See if PATH can make a deal with parking structures or provide a parking stipend for employees who have to drive and struggle with parking.
Implement training programs for newly hired employees and departments to learn about services and refer clients to other departments.
Provide a more personal approach for employees who apply for jobs within the company, such as having the supervisor involved or providing a call to explain why they didn't meet the selection and what they can do better.
Host a PATH internal job fair for employees interested in other positions to learn more about them before applying.
Implement a mentorship program where experienced employees with PATH can mentor newly hired employees for an incentive, bonus, or pay raise.
Provide mobile therapy for multiple buildings to cover more clients and have more hours available for therapists, or develop a tele-therapy option.
Look into alternative mental health service providers, as some employees have mentioned poor experiences with Kaiser's mental health services.
Provide more training, including IT training, for employees.
Consider implementing a 4 day, 10 hour work week option.
Provide security on site during the day, especially when there is only one employee on shift.
Provide more information to employees who internally apply to positions but don't get selected, and provide development opportunities for those employees to encourage them to keep applying and move up.
Host regional events and provide discounted sport tickets.
Encourage employees to move up and address staffing issues to prevent burn out.
Improve communication on new processes from IT and respond promptly to employee inquiries.
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