Best Solid Wood Full Size Platform Bed Review

corey wray
Solid wood is one of the materials you can never go wrong with as it can suit so many styles and themes in the bedroom. Not only does solid wood add class to your room, but it also adds elegance. This material is loved by many because of its durability and, when assembling into a bed, offers sturdiness. When looking for a bed, strength and weight capacity are some of the critical things you should check. In the article written below, you will learn about different types of solid wood full-size platform beds. The review should help you choose the most appropriate bed for your room. ☆★ – – – ☆★ – – – ☆★ – – – ☆★ – – – ☆★ – – – ☆★☆★ – – – ☆★ – – – ☆★ – – – ☆★ – – – ⇨ Read More: ☆★ – – – ☆★ – – – ☆★ – – – ☆★ – – – ☆★ – – – ☆★☆★ – – – ☆★ – – – ☆★ – – – ☆★ – – – Cardinal And Crest Solid Wood Full Size Platform Bed Crafted with extra strong and sturdy hardwoods, the cardinal and crest full-size platform bed can handle nine hundred lbs. per sleeping. This means that the bed can accommodate a heavy mattress and more than one adult. A full size platform bed measures 76.5 inches by 55.75 inches by 13.5 inches. Be sure to use a mattress that fits those dimensions, and the recommended thickness is 13 inches. The color of the bed is walnut, which you can incorporate in any type of theme effortlessly. This superlative piece of art crafted from solid wood is beautifully brown, making decorating the bedroom an easy task. Cardinal and crest platform bed features a design with no headboard, which gives it the modern and traditional contrast. The juxtaposition portrayed in the theme is what makes it a fantastic piece of art. The slat system in the platform bed allows it to be used without a box spring. With this bed, you get to elevate the décor in your room while at the same time saving some money. For assembling of the bed, you will require two adults, and do not worry because the process is simple, plus there is a set of instructions available for guidance.
Brookside Leah solid Wood Platform Bed If you want to bring the beauty of nature into your bedroom, Brookside Leah classic is the way to go. The platform bed is available in various colors making it more suitable for different themes in your bedroom. All that is required of you is to pick a color that matches your décor, as the design will indeed complement every other feature of your bedroom. Brookside Leah's solid wood platform bed also comes in a variety of natural tones. The bed's headboard will catch your attention the moment you lay your eyes on the bed. It is fashionable with a raised border that connects to thick side rails and decorative foot rail. This bed has a weight capacity of 600lb. And goes well with any type of mattress as it runs on a slat system instead of the typical box spring. The general height of the platform bed can be adjusted to one of your likings. Because of the primary material used in the crafting, this bed has proven for many years to be strong, sturdy, and highly durable. With all these useful features, you are sure to get a contemporary look for your bedroom. ➔➔➔ Follow Us on: Panel Platform Bed Bring rustic vibes to your bedroom with the elegant panel platform bed, which features a cherry or espresso finish. The material used to make the bed is solid pine, which makes it tough and durable. There is a center rail with a support leg present to add stability when you are on the bed. The platform bed is designed so that it can suit any theme and can use any kind of mattress without the aid of a slat system. You are spoilt of choice when it comes to choosing the color. The main finishings offered are cappuccino, merlot, pine, satin, varnished, wenge, cherry, espresso, mahogany, and wood finish. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing that you have a comfortable bed waiting for you back at home. This bed is highly comfortable, even without a spring box. The wide variety of finishing styles available make it suitable for most themes, mainly the traditional and modern themes. The maximum weight capacity for the bed is 600lb. Hence can use any mattress. Two adults can comfortably fit on the bed without causing any strain or discomfort to the users. When you want to change the décor of your room, the panel platform bed would be the right choice.
Nora Solid Wood And Metal Platform Bed A bed crafted from both solid wood and metal always makes the room lively. The two materials are strong and durable; when combined, the bed gives an assurance of sturdiness. This is a low-profile bed, so be careful to choose it only if it matches your height. People often ignore this factor when choosing beds. The height of a bed is very crucial as it contributes mainly to comfortability Nora's platform bed will be the main focal point in the room because no one can ever miss such elegance. With a maximum weight capacity of eight hundred pounds, this bed is certified to be used by two adults per sleeping and can also support a heavy mattress. You can be sure that the bed will provide unmatched comfort and style for a long time. The slat system in the bed makes it possible for it to be used without a box spring. However, if you prefer to install one, go ahead and do it. You are assured that you will be as comfortable as sleeping on a bed with a box spring, even if you do not install one. It is up to you to decide whether or not to save that extra coin. Conclusion One thing for sure is that you can never go wrong with a full size platform bed. No matter the type or design, solid wood platform beds always meets the standards in the bedroom. The material gives assurance of durability and sturdiness, which are the two main qualities you should check when purchasing a bed. Enjoy a good night's sleep in style and comfort with one of the above-listed solid wood . The listing is just an example of the many solid wood platform beds available in the market. Always make sure you choose a bed that meets your set standards.
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