Language Inclusion

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🖼 Setting
What: Ability for advertisers to target in a given language.
Why: Good for the advertiser and also better listening experience for the consumer. For example, Coke doesn't want to be on a podcast that is in Spanish b/c presumably listener may not understand english ad if played. Furthermore, it would not be a good listener experience for content to be in Spanish and then out of nowhere an ad comes up and it is in English, making the listener break concentration.
When: ASAP but Q2 as 4 advertisers have already pointed out their ads are played in other languages. The current workaround is to find the shows that are not in English, to which Ad Ops then manually excludes via Podcast ID exclusion field.
Goals: 1) Allow ability to language include 2) Reduce Ad Ops time to accomplish language inclusion
👥 People
Responsible: Corey Lian
Approver: David Adams
Consulted: Kevin Sachs, Nick Willis, Alex Leung, Dave Maharaj
Informed: John Bennett
💡 Concepts
Base: Publishers denote the language of their podcast within Megaphone (Edit Podcast screen) and this is stored in Megaphone and also surfaced in the RSS Feed. (Figure 1) This is the basis that we will use to determine what language a podcast is in.
Note: There is risk that the publisher may incorrectly put in the language (either in error or in gaming) and we can mitigate this risk via a) checking language in metadata of the podcast or b) running transcription to check language. However, we are assuming this risk is low for now and will take the publisher’s inserted language value as truth for now.
Figure 1: Publishers select Language for Podcast
Screen Shot 2021-04-05 at 3.42.32 PM.png

Targeting: Ad Ops will indicate in the Order what language of content the ad would like to target. (Figure 2) If English is selected, Ad server will serve the given ad on all podcasts that are in English.
Figure 2: Selecting the Language
Screen Shot 2021-04-05 at 3.40.54 PM.png
Figure 3: Language selection surfaced in Orders Page
Screen Shot 2021-04-05 at 3.41.26 PM.png
Outstanding Decisions: What should the default value be in the “Language Inclusion?”
1) Option A: Default Language will be “English” (Figure 3)
Easy for Ad Ops as it requires no work for the 4 Advertisers who want just English content. Also, this is the move for the future as advertisers who have their content in English would want to make sure their ad will can be understood.
Con: Other advertisers who did not need “English only” will see a drop in impressions and publishers would see a drop in MTM revenue. For March 2021, the MTM Available Impressions to be Sold was . The non-english shows had . That means non-english shows had 0.64% of the MTM Available Impressions to be Sold in March 2021. However, given 0.64% impact, this is a small negative.
2) Option B: Default language will be “All Languages”
Pro: Minimal change to publishers and advertisers who did not specify English only. This will preserve inventory and release pressure on inventory.
Con: For the 4 Advertisers who just want English content, Ad Ops would need to delete the “ All Languages” chip on the UI and add in “English”

Add idea
Which Default Option should we use? (see above)
Option A: “English” as default
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Voted by Kevin Sachs, Nick Willis, Alex Leung, Dave Maharaj, David Adams (Advertiser + Listener Friendly)
Option B: “All Languages” as default
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(Publisher Friendly)
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For Publisher Side, Default to “All Languages”
✅ Decide / Next Steps
Everyone votes in private (vote above)
Corey will take inputs into consideration, as well as the pros and cons of each alternative, and then decide (+ explanation behind the decision)

Winner: Option A: English as Default!! Reasons include this is a better experience for ad ops and this is thinking ahead for what advertisers want. The risk to advertisers having less inventory to work with is low ( non-english shows only had 0.64% of the MTM Available Impressions to be Sold in March 2021). However, this will impact those publishers with non-english shows as they will see a sharp decrease in ad spend so CX Support will need to give a preemptive update.

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