Transcription Services: What Is The Process Behind Technical Translation Services?

Are you planning to expand your business beyond the boundaries? Do you want to launch your brand internationally? Then, most probably, you will need .
In this article, you will learn about the step by step process of technical translation services. You will also understand the significance of transcription services by the end of this article.

What does technical translation mean?

When a translation is done to convey the technical information from one language to another is called technical translation.
It revolves around creating documents or files related to the technology sector like the user manual of any technical appliance.
The technical translator needs a particular subject expert and relevant terminology to translate it from one language to another.

The process behind the technical translation services

The process behind the technical translation services is divided into four steps.

Research and Analysis

The technical translator needs to first read documents to understand the content’s context and its tone. Because almost all technological texts are bland and impartial in tone, they also need some research and analysis about the subject.

Perceive or Think

After reading the text, the translator perceives to gather words that have a similar meaning in the source language to ensure that the translation has an accurate meaning in another language.
Translators do it very efficiently by choosing the words that have the same meaning to convey the message in the target language. This step is very important as it decides how accurate your translation will be.


After reading and understanding the text, the translator finally comes to the last phase of translation. In this phase, the translator writes the words in the targeted language with the same meaning as the source text has.


After translating each text into the targeted language, a translator always revises and reviews his written information to ensure that the translated words have the same meaning as in the source language?
However, most companies hire an expert to review the translation output done by the employed or freelance translators. The reviewers are the expert of that targeted language. Or they might have the target language as their native language.


Sometimes, the transcription services are done by using artificial intelligence technology or tools or websites. They don’t give an accurate and fair result; that’s why they are not highly considered. That is why transcription done by humans has great significance, as they have enough potential to give an accurate and meaningful result.
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