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Wild Heart Master Proposal
Over the last decade I have spent time expanding my awareness, seeking to understand the higher purpose of creation, how intelligent life can coexist in harmony, and what our roles as conscious participants are. Through an impulse to uncover and remember who we are and why we are here, I was lead down a path to discover an ancient mapping system. A system made up of creative life force centers that breathes life into our mother planet and all of her creation. With the deeper understanding of how these centers are connected to the evolution of consciousness, I am becoming more aware on how to integrate with this system and its powerful body of sacred knowledge to support both personal and planetary growth.
From this point of discovery I have dedicated all my focus to understanding how to map out these creative centers in a way that this ancient mapping system could be integrated into the core foundation of planning and developing projects and communities. This star knowledge has now been designed into what I call the HGS, a “Harmonic Guidance System”. Based on the fundamental science of creation, the HGS is a universal blueprint that models this Earths ancient mapping system - that which harmonizes and governs the natural living systems of all life on earth. The purpose for this is to have a roadmap on how we can align with the conscious evolution that is already happening, through harmonizing our systems and it’s flows of communications, information, and exchange of resources with this divine intelligence - and it’s higher higher purpose of creation.
Consciously Concepted is ready to bridge this higher awareness by supporting organizations and communities in implementing the universal language of this system into the creative processes of future design and development. Through the process of integrating it into how we manage our lives, projects, organizations, and communities, we are able to obtain a deeper understanding of the nature of reality, and become more aware of our sacred responsibility as conscious creators in relationship to one another and our mother Earth.
Consciously Concepted is prepared to begin orchestrating this process of harmonization by introducing and educating Wild Heart on the HGS through an initial introduction to the blueprint laid out in this development proposal. The HGS will also be a guide for how the organization can uphold the universal principles as spiritual ethical standards that live and breathe at the heart of this blueprint - standards which cultivate a culture that values conscious evolution, and fosters a sense of higher purpose. This experiential process of deepening into greater harmony is meant to align us and our creations with universal truth and awaken us to healthier relationships, prosperity, enhanced creativity, heightened states of awareness, and the ability to manifest higher dimensional realities. Consciously Consciously integrates across diverse domains, offering assistance in every facet of further developing your project into its next stage of evolution.

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