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Book of Light
Purpose & Declared Intention (Book of Light Manual )
The Book of Light is an evolving guide for harmonious cooperation, weaving a story of collective awakening through the attunement of the heart to usher in greater levels of coherence across collaborative projects. The collective purpose of this book is to support our process of expanding into harmonic resonance by attuning to the frequency of love and aligning our relational dynamics with this universal intelligence that flows through our Earth.
The 'Book' presents a rebirthing opportunity to co-evolve our consciousness and steward our creations in alignment with the natural law of harmony. We achieve this by conceiving the field of collaboration through the vibrational resonance of a unifying source agreement. This agreement field is opened by a shared declaration to pursue a harmonising path when co-creating with one another.
Our higher purpose is to illuminate the pathways that weave new cultural patterns with conscious intent into the web of life. These patterns open potentials for the network to experience a sense of cultural enlightenment through our conscious evolution, that falls under the aegis of harmonious cooperation.

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