Data Zen SEO Content Strategy

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Welcome to your SEO Content Strategy Andrew & team!
This document is a combination of all the work we’ve done together over the last 6 weeks.
It will take you through the steps required to position Data Zen in front of your ideal customers across search engines in 2024.
Following these steps will lead to:
Greater market share
Better ROI on marketing
Improved conversions
Easier sales
More sustainable growth
Growing revenues
It will also position you as a scrappy, bootstrapped leader in the business intelligence industry.
Finally, while SEO and organic search marketing has been the focus of our work together, you can use the insights and data in this strategy to refine your messaging, language, and customer targeting across every channel (i.e., email, social, and PPC).

TLDR: Your Strategy At A Glance

Business intelligence SEO is highly competitive. However, there are plenty of opportunities to break through the competition.
Data Zen could generate $2M+ ARR from SEO. It would required aggressive investment and patience, but it’s possible.
Competitors pursuing typical B2B SaaS content strategy. Including quantity vs. quality ToFU content that’s generic, anonymous, and lacking personality or human touch.
Data Zen can stand out by focusing on unique content. This could include thought leadership, industry trends, a newsletter, and alternative approaches to SEO (ie, local SEO).
SEO may not be a primary channel for Data Zen. It will take 6-12 months to achieve significant ROI, and should be treated as complimentary to parallel channels like LinkedIn, email, and PPC.

Navigating Your Coda Doc

In the video below, I’ll take you on a tour of this Coda doc and how to use it for best results. 👇
Your SEO Content Strategy document is split into 5 key pillars. If you’re on desktop you can see them in the column to the left. If you’re on mobile, they’re at the bottom of the screen.
Here’s a quick explanation of each:
Instructions for implementing your SEO strategy, based on insights from the research and workshop, divided into 3 phases. Includes potential metrics, KPIs, and tools.
Brief takeaways and an intro to our methodology and findings, via Google Sheets.
Breakdown of the current website’s search presence and performance, Google Analytics findings, technical audit and checklist, and key takeaways.
- Quick introduction to the most complimentary channels Data Zen can invest in, as your SEO investments mature.
Completed slides from our content strategy workshop.
Each pillar is semi-independent and can be tackled separately to improve your SEO and organic content performance.
However, they compliment one another and contribute to a holistic approach as outlined in the first pillar, So, while you need to decide the priority of tasks based on short term goals, budget, and resources, don’t completely ignore any pillar in the long term.
Each one plays a role, and neglecting any pillar could handicap your overall results.

Implementing Your Strategy

Your strategy lays the foundation for long-term, sustainable organic growth as a key marketing channel for Data Zen.
I’ve designed it so you have total independence in how you implement the strategy.
I suggest three paths:
Take the work inhouse – Any team member with basic SEO, writing, and web development experience could implement most of the steps outlined throughout. However, some are more advanced, and you may need to hire a dedicated SEO, either full time or contract.
Assign to an agency – Any marketing agency should understand the research and instructions provided, and adapt it to their workflows and deliverables. This will save you going through another round of strategy work on a future contract.
Extend our partnership – For the best results, I’m available to assist you directly in implementing the strategy and monitoring performance. However, this is not a sales document, so I will not push you in this direction. We can discuss options for a longer engagement after the handover call.
Whichever path you take, I’m confident the document you’re reading will propel you ahead of your competition and position you as the #1 business intelligence firm for SMB e-commerce stores and marketing agencies.

Wrapping Up

That’s it for now!
I hope you enjoy exploring your strategy document and envisioning all the growth it will inspire.
If you have any questions, I’m available on Slack. We can also discuss on the handover call.

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