Connor McComick

Hello, I’m Connor McCormick. I’m an engineer and mechanism designer imagining and implementing new socioeconomic systems.
I first viscerally got the importance of governance in 2013 in Ecuador.
By 2015 I had begun to think about how new primitives (like machine learning and non-counterfeitable currencies) could be used to create new incentive systems.
In 2017 I founded a machine learning and IoT company in the transportation space and ran it until 2021. Our lack of funding meant I had to teach it to myself software engineering in the early days, and our team of 3 engineers went on to build a solar + cellular + camera based ml car counting technology that boasted 98.5% accuracy, while our competitors (who were bankrolled and filled with PhDs) only achieved ~80%. Our mobile app also achieved 10k organic downloads in the Denver area. The company failed due to hardware operating costs in 2021.
By that time I was convinced there was a way to use markets and incentive design to create what I called in a letter to a friend at the time “” and to a later friend “”, and later to another friend “”.
Around this time I also spent two years religiously attending flat Earth meetup groups to learn about how to reason across ideological divides (and stayed because they became great friends). This is when I discovered that the only move to have a productive conversation with flat Earthers was, “I could be wrong if” and “how could you be wrong?”. We ended up doing experiments at Pueblo Reservoir to try to measure the curvature of the Earth (inconclusive haha, water was too low).
This is also when I began to think about as a guiding framework for governance (article written much later).
In 2022 I began publishing toy implementations of incentive based governance. Some notable work included ; a story of an incentive mechanism to address principal-agent problems in truth discovery. I also joined the startup to learn the requisite mathematics.
In 2023 I published , a summary of the properties of an promising payment mechanism for public goods funding.
In 2024, myself and a team built , a prototype of a tool for collective sensemaking, and began to find clarity around could work together.

We’re now looking for early testbeds that offer a low stakes adversarial environment to test the to test the negation game’s ability to do collective sensemaking. Applications include:
Smart contract auditing
Reversible transaction disputes (like )
What should the constitution of this LLM be?
Is this message spam? (messaging platforms like xmtp) []
Is this account spam? (social networks like farcaster) []
Is this account sybil? (grants platforms like gitcoin)
Is this token spam? (wallets like Metamask)
Should this grant be allocated? (daos)
Did this market resolve properly (like Polymarket’s UMA)
Should this person cede this handle? (E.g. they squat disney.eth)

In March of 2024 we received 100k in funding from BlueYard to further research index wallets. And fingers crossed we’ll receive 90k from Summer of Protocols to formalize the mechanisms of the negation game so as to create tools for collective inference and .

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