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Connor McCormick Coda

About Me

Coda Experience

I started working with Coda in 2018 when they first left stealthmode. One of my docs was shown to Coda investor (and apparently smart guy) Reid Hoffman as evidence that people could “get” the Coda product. Here’s the email from 12/13/2018.

I was honored to say yes! I love them there too :)

I’ve gotten to watch it evolve since then and I’ve played a very small role in providing feedback for the direction of the product, you can see my participation in the community on my accounts:

Some docs I’ve built:
Inventory Systems (I’ve built three, but I can only share this schema
Customer Relationship Management Docs (Many of them, but can’t share)
Weekly Meeting Doc (Can’t share because of private data, but here’s
Accounting systems used by multi-million a year companies
Investment performance tracking doc for an investment firm
An exploration of an alternative machine learning technique (WIP)
Many many more.

Read about

Outside Coda


I’m the lead builder at
. We help fast growing companies avoid growing pains and stretch marks by using automation tools (mostly Coda!).

I love this work because I get to hang out with people over Zoom and make their life easier.

Lot Spot

I run a company in Colorado called
that helps open space parks improve their parking experience and protect their assets. I run the operations and I write software for the devices, so I’m intimately involved in the relationship between automation and business objectives.
An image of our product


I’m an avid rock climber, cyclist, and mountaineer. I’ve been trying to climb all the fourteeners (mountains taller than 14k feet) in Colorado, I’m up to 50 out of 58.

The “Knife’s Edge” on Capitol Peak.

Standing in the river as the sun sets in the San Juan Wilderness.

Near Sunlight Peak, before sunlight hit.


I have a hedonic love affair with mathematics. Recent gems include:

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 10.07.53 AM.jpeg
This spiral hidden somewhere in the Mandelbrot Set

The Sleeping Beauty Problem and the assumptions you can make about things you haven’t experienced.
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