Vision of RSM in 5 Years

Through authentic community and discipleship multiplication, fueled by the power of the Holy Spirit : RSM will spark the fire of REVIVAL in the next generation in Lancaster, PA.

Changes to the vision that fit us as the avenue to revival
strong/authentic community
Discipleship multiplication
Spiritual formation/work of the Holy Spirit/

Core Values
Find REAL Belonging
Follow the REAL Jesus
Become REAL influencer of change or To make REAL impact

Key Factors to our ministry
Spiritual formation
Strong relationships & sense of community
We want to experience Jesus in a real and transforming way
There needs to be a hunger for the Word of God
We go where students are

Our Language
We are just learning
Belong before believe
Come and see

Other ideas to be added later
Send students out to the REAL world
We love REAL worship
Have REAL encounters with Jesus
REAL response to the Gospel
REAL Healing
REAL acts of love shown to others


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