Reality youth 12/2

Reality youth 12/9

Game plan
Lee Stoltzfus - Sign in/Connection
Jacob Myers - Connections/Middle school small group
Will Groff - Middle School Boys small group
Ben Weikel - Sound and slides/High School boys
Tony Gehem - High school boys
Danae Gehem - High School girls small group
Lauren Stoltzfus - High school Girls small group
Connor Mayes - Sermon/Clean up/set up
Lexi Carver - Connecter/High School girls/Announcements

6 - Pre service
Clean and smooth transitions.
Keep things organize and smooth (games, announcements)
Professional/Room for the Spirit to move

6:00 - Start of the night
Tech set up
Laptop will be used on apple air play in auditorium
Need 2 mics ready to go
Playlist is made on SideKick - When we are going to start we are going to
Lee will need to have sign ups on another device for new students
Move the welcome desk

Start the countdown when students walk in

6:30 - Game - Auditorium - Jacob - GAME UP FRONT LIGHTING
Unscramble (Christmas edition)
Girls vs boys version
Everyone sits in their seats and when they think they know it they can only send one person at a time (No one can go twice) they have to run up and High five Connor to give the answer.

Which Nick Said it?
Bring up two students act random. They will go head to head and one at a time answer a question. Most answered correctly win.
Students will go back and forth until it is answered (If they get to two answers and are wrong no one gets the point)
Get up and find someone to tell them what you hope you are getting for Christmas

6:45 - Announcements - PREACHING LIGHTING
Bethanna Christmas party
December 11th Saturday from 10-12
Food will be there
Serving, take-down/set-up
Camp sign ups!
They are live and you can sign up today!
After Youth group you can put your name down
January is going to be huge!
Moving to Sunday nights
We are going do big nights all month of January along with Younglife camp. It is going to be a great time to bring your friends.
We are going to make invite cards for you to invite a friend!

God with us Video - Prayer time lighting
Play video after prayer

6:55 - Message
Sermon series - Immanuel - God with us
Topic - Joy comes from the Lord

7:15 - Chiseled Video/Prayer hands - Prayer time lighting
Play video
Pieces of paper will be handed out with pens
Pens when done can be put son the stage

7:45 - Small group
Small group questions
What’s the most significant spiritual experience you have ever had? (Jesus or no Jesus)
What was God teaching you in this time of prayer?
How does this change how you could interact with God on your own?
What healing has Jesus brought in your life? What has it done for you?
Why do you think Jesus heal us?
What do we do when we are with God and we don’t feel any different? Where do we go? What should we do?

8:20 - Head back to the auditorium

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