Game plan
Lee Stoltzfus - Sign in/Connection
Jacob Myers - Connection/Middle school boys
Will Groff - Middle School Boys small group
Ben Weikel - Sound and slides/High School boys
Tony Gehem - High school boys
Danae Gehem - High School girls small group
Lauren Stoltzfus - High school Girls small group
Kristin - Middle school girls/Connecter
Connor Mayes - Sermon/Clean up/set up
Lexi Carver - Connecter/High School girls

6 - Pre service
No pre service meeting

6:00 - Start of the night
In the Youth room for sermon
Ben I will need one mic for the game
This is a good opportunity to have reconnecting conversations

6:30 - Game in Youth room
Hot takes

You’ve Heard of elf on the shelf

6:50 - Baby Jesus Video
7:00 - Youth room Announcements - Lexi and Connor
Bethanna Christmas party
December 11th Saturday from 10-12
Food will be there
Serving, take-down/set-up
Camp sign ups!
They are live and you can sign up today!
After Youth group you can put your name down
January is going to be huge!
Moving to Sunday nights
We are going do big nights all month of January along with Younglife camp. It is going to be a great time to bring your friends.
We are going to make invite cards for you to invite a friend!

Play video after prayer
Need someone to turn lights off
6:50 - Message
Sermon series - Immanuel - God with us
Topic - Be with God

7:10 - Small groups
Get everyones number to make a group chat if that is possible.
What is something that you can’t live without, but you don’t need to survive? (Phone, Chick-fil-a, house)
Big idea of the night
What’s God’s reason for coming to “Be with us”?
Why is it important for us to be with God even though He is with us all the time?
Remember that person that you love to be with, What do you do to make time being with them? How can you do the same to be with present with God?
Where do you need Jesus to “light the path” for you or give you direction in life?
What doubts/struggle (if any) might you have about God being with us?

8:20 - Head back to the youth room
Connor will send the students off with application and challenge

8:30 -CHAIRS

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