Reality youth 12/2

Reality youth 12/16

Game plan
Lee Stoltzfus - Sign in/Connection
Jacob Myers - Connections/Middle school small group
Will Groff - Middle School Boys small group
Ben Weikel - High School boys/Game show host
Courtney Weikel - Floater
Tony Gehem - High school boys/Game show host
Danae Gehem - Middle School Girls small group
Lauren Stoltzfus - High school Girls small group/Sign in for connections
Connor Mayes - AVL
Lexi Carver - Connecter/High School girls Small group

6 - Pre service
Meeting in the Outreach room
Go over the night - The rough idea
Give me your small group outings ideas
Goal of the night

6:00 - Start of the night
Connection team
We are going to send students who show up late to their small groups because we are starting off with small groups
Tech set up
Get sidekick up and running
Small group
Send out questions to leaders

6:30 - In the Auditorium - Announcements
No youth group next week
6:35 - Small groups
Ice breaker
One word story maker Christmas edition! You will each go one at a time and you will say one word. Then the next person will go and say one word. You are going to make up a story only using one word at a time. You will continue until you think you have a great story!
Sitting in a circle makes it easier. That way you say a word after the person to your right says a word.

Ben - “there”
Courtney - “was”
Connor - “a”
Tony - “Monkey”
Lauren - “eating”

You would continue until you have a story!

Recap some of the events that happened last week.
Read Luke 2:8-15
What do you think was going to through the minds of the Sheppards?
Connor talked about Sin getting in the way of experiencing the Joy of The Lord last week. In this story what do you think could have held back the Sheppards from experiencing that joy?
What are things that rob us of Joy?
How was it last week writing down those items on your prayer hand? What surprised you? Was there anything that you didn’t want to put down, but you did?
Why do you think we prayed for one another last week? Why is this important? Why don’t we pray for each other more?
Give them a second to answer, but then look at James 5:13-15
How can we help each other in this journey to know the Joy of the Lord?

7:30 - Head to the auditorium
Stall to give Tony and Ben to get changed into their suits

We'll split them up boys vs girls and they will decide as a group what event they will partake in.

7:50 - GAMES
Don’t Forget the Lyrics
Family Feud
Minute to win-it

8:25 - Declare a winner!
Send home and hang out!

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