RSM Vision

Goals for RSM

Make an event for small groups in home one of these nights

Noticeable Fruit of Transformation
Holy Spirit Dependence
Prayerful Guidance
Prayer life
Out loud prayer
Prayer alone
Praying out loud with others
Obedience to a Kingdom agenda
Word center
Reading God’s word
Knowing God’s word
Wrestling with scripture
Exalting the Father (worship)
Relationship of love and integrity.
Kindness for other students and other around them.

Clear picture of worshipping Jesus
Engaging in musical worship
Giving God credit in conversation
Looking for and living out God’s plan
Sacrificing themselves for others in many ways
Asking Good/deep questions
Craving community with believers
Sharing The Gospel with others
Serving somewhere in thr Church

Team Goals
Post group meetings to review
fun and informative
Leaders who are meeting with students without me pushing
Leaers pushing outside gatherings


Small group focus ministry
Small groups in home
Split up into every indidual grade
Leaders going with them until the graduate

Get students to share testimonies

Monthly Invite nights (Real nights)

Engaging worship

Encounter nights (worship and prayer nights)

Our own conference/camp experience
Getting our own experience that we can control and it is for our specific students.
It hits our need that we need to focus on.

Fall and spring retreats

Student leadership program

Worship every night with Students involved

Sign up system for camps and other events needing registration.

Parent seminars

Discipleship Groups

Consistent Instagram that engages our current students, reaches lost students, and projects who we are before you ever walk through the doors

Multiple campus ministry

Missions trip out of the country

Students serving in different capacities
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