RSM Calendar

Events - Camps - programs - Trips

Middle School
Camp Orchard Hill
Local (apex) missions trip
MIX with CIY

High School
Fall Retreat
Missions trip over sea
CIY camp

Real Night ideas (Invite nights)
Redneck night
murder mystery
Olympics night
Tribe wars/Color wars
Glow in the dark night
School Spirit night
Who wants to be a YouTube?
Small groups make a YouTube video for a contest
Battle of the Sexes
Little Italy night
Mustache Night
Beach Club (in the Winter)
Christmas in July
Super Hero Night

Encounter nights (spirit filled/Worship nights)

Making food for the homeless/First responders
Send notes to our teachers
Raising money for a cause
City Prayer walks
North Star initiative

Belonging/Hang out
small group outings
Friday night lights (post football games)

Discipleship - Spiritual Formation
Theology 101 course (6 weeks)
Leadership Conference with EFCA
Table Talks
Book study (sign up for)
Bible study to sign up for
Ask Lauren if she would walk through fruits of the Spirit with girls
Revelation book study

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