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Top 8 Best Magazine-Fed Paintball Guns of 2024

Paintball is currently the most popular survival shooting game. It is a game for those who are passionate about action and excitement.
For the best performance in the match, you need to choose the best magazine fed paintball gun for yourself. Whether you are a beginner or a professional and experienced paint gun enthusiast, choosing a weapon is important!
Recognizing this issue, Paintball Advisors will share with you the 8 most sought-after paintball guns in 2024.
Let’s get right into the details!
best paintball gun for beginner

What Is A Magazine Fed Paintball?

Magazine-fed paintball or magfed paintball for short is used to describe survival games that use paintball guns. When playing, participants will equip paintball guns instead of hoppers, which they will load from magazines.
However, that is only the core part because magfed is a broad concept. It’s not simply the paintball gun or a spring-loaded cartridge that pushes paintballs into the stock to fire. And magazine fed paintball has become an indie game.
In particular, it is a game that combines top-notch tactics. Thereby this type of gun gives players an interesting realistic experience.
best magazine fed paintball gun

What Types Of Paintball Guns Are There?

Currently, there are 3 basic types of paintball guns on the market.

Paintball gun

Paintball guns are the oldest type of gun. This gun provides reliable accuracy but requires the player to be extremely focused when out on the field.
Paintball gun models are powered entirely by hand. Therefore, if you’re a new player, it will not be easy to get a good playing effect.

Mechanical paint gun

It is the most popular paintball gun today. You can find it at any mafed hardware store. Most mechanical paintball guns are semi-automatic; some have fully automatic power supplies. But basically, the gun’s features are easy to use and player-friendly.

Electronic paint gun

Electronic paintball guns are more expensive because they are the smartest modern model. The manufacturer has increased the firepower and integrated many different firing options. So players will have better options for the match.

Top 8 Best Magazine Fed Paintball Guns Reviews

#1. Umarex T4E TM-4 Caliber Training – Best For Overall

Umarex T4E TM-4 Caliber Training - Best For Overall
TM4 of the Umarex brand is not simply an entertaining paintball gun. If you pay close attention, you will see that even the smallest details of the TM4 are very similar to the M4 in real life.
From form to weight, visibility and even recoil are almost the same. To do this, Umarex equips the TM4 with a back-breathing system.
Not only that, but the TM4 also has the most advanced settings – something very few paintball guns incorporate a blower system. Thanks to that, TM4 can give you a little bit of realism.
Because the Tm4 is the paintball gun with a very realistic design, so to use it, you’ll have to accept some quirks.
The first is the grip, handguard, and magazine. They are all painted blue so that the police can easily distinguish the Tm4 from the real gun. Because if you put two guns next to each other, it will be difficult to determine the real from the fake because they have identical designs.
Second, when you need to change any part, you will have to spend a fair amount of money. However, you do not need to worry too much because Umarex is very durable to use for a long time without any problems.
Is a copy of the m4
High Quality
Bring real experience
No shaping bullets
Expensive repair
Bottom line
The Umarex Tm4 is an extremely detailed replica of the real-life m4. So if you want to stimulate the game with a bit of reality, definitely do not ignore this paintball gun.

#2. Tippmann Stormer Tactical 68 Caliber – The Runner Up

Tippmann Stormer Tactical 68 Caliber - The Runner Up
No different from Tippmann’s previous guns, in Stromer Tactical, you will find a barrel with high accuracy and a good rate of fire.
Tippmann Stromer Tactical owns single trigger technology. This technology makes it easy for players to use their fingers during the performance.
A tactical cap covers Stromer Tactical’s barrel. And you can easily take it off with a simple slide. Besides, this paintball gun is also convenient to fold.
When it comes to durability, you will be satisfied with this product. Stromer Tactical comes with a design that offers durability. Because inside the gun is an air system plus a durable intake neck and overall body.
Stromer Tactical’s internal air passage is not only stable but also very simple. So you don’t need to integrate other airlines. Meanwhile, the loading neck holds the hopper to support the player to move easily.
Good accuracy
Vision can be adjusted
Durable, light
With safety lock
Difficult to activate
Bottom line
For under $200, the Tippmann brand Stromer Tactical offers players great options. If you need to upgrade, it can be done on Stromer Tactical easily and simply. Plus you’ll get many premium features at a low price in this suite.

#3. Tippmann TMC Paintball Marker – Best For Budget

Tippmann TMC Paintball Marker - Best For Budget
Topping our list is the Tippmann MAGFED. This TMC MAGFED gun is a great choice for those new to magfed.
As a cheap paintball gun, TMC MAGFED still gives players good reliability as well as ease to use.
TMC MAGFED is the latest Milsim model from the Tippmann brand. With dual feeds, it is the most realistic all-terrain paintball gun.
You can also use TMC MAGFED for strategy games or wooden balls. TMC MAGFED delivers amazing results. At the same time, the maintenance level is low so that you can experience the real shooting moments with complete peace of mind.
Besides, TMC MAGFED has a design similar to most actual shooting platforms. So it’s hard to spot some flaws in this gun by Tippmann. The only point that we are not satisfied with is the quality of the container is not good.
Because of poor-quality containers, your accuracy may decrease. But the product’s performance makes players seem not to pay too much attention to this limitation.
Can be customized
Dual feed
The container is not high quality
Does not support profiling projectiles
Bottom line
Tippmann MAGFED is a great choice for beginners in magfed. The gun is at our top not only because of its cheap price range of about $250 but also thank to the great performance it offers. The TMC MAGFED performs well in all conditions, whether in the woods as well any paintball event.

#4. Planet Eclipse MG100 PAL Mechanical – Best For Accuracy

Planet Eclipse MG100 PAL Mechanical - Best For Accuracy
The most notable feature of the MG100 is the super-soft Emek trigger plus the 14.5-inch barrel.
The super soft Emek allows players to shoot faster, so you don’t get left behind in the match. And the 14.5-inch barrel helps you shoot more accurately.
In addition, the MG100 is equipped with a Gamma bolt core and a gasket valve. These two accessories increase the accuracy and reliability of the marker. At the same time, they limit the kickback mode without cutting the paintball.
Magazines of the MG100 series can hold 10 paintballs.
When using a gun, after firing 5 bullets, you need to flip the tape. Therefore, it will take you some time to convert the video and reload magazines many times in a match. But to make up for that, the MG100 is compatible with most magazines on the market. At the same time, it can hold about 20 to 30 pr ring paint tablets.
Besides, Planet Eclipse also supports the PAL system. With this system, you will get better performance in the match. It can be said that the manufacturer has tried to make the marker reliable and paint-friendly. So you will rarely see a damaged paintball.
High precision
Compatible with many magazines
Can upgrade the barrel
Bottom line
If you’re looking for a product that offers high accuracy, you definitely cannot ignore Planet Eclipse MG100.
With a 14.5-inch barrel, you can count on the accuracy it delivers. According to our testing, most products with barrels larger than 14 inches have impressive accuracy. Besides, you can upgrade the barrel if you want.

#5. Tippmann Elite .68 Dual – Best for Durability and Stability

Tippmann Elite .68 Dual - Best for Durability and Stability
This Tippmann Elite is another impressively durable dual-paint gun from the Tippmann brand.
Tippmann Elite supports 2 realistic magazines, and each can hold up to 20 paintballs. Besides, you can also use an additional set of receiving hoppers if you want to load more paintballs.
In order to give players more controllability and enhanced stability, the Stormer Elite .68 offers a system with an internal air duct. Not only that, with this Elite .68 from Tippmann, players can adjust themselves to narrow or expand the space between the two grips.
Overall, Tippmann Elite is made of plastic. But the company has upgraded the product by equipping the trigger, barrel, bolt system, and other important parts with super durable materials.
So you can safely use the gun in many games, and the maintenance is also very simple and easy.
Besides, Stormer Elite also comes with many other features. Such as sight modifiers, adjustable handles, and collapsible containers. It supports 5 options that allow you to upgrade or add other additional tools.
Easy handling
Easy for maintaining
Mid-range price
Mobile offset data level
Bottom line
Tippmann Stormer Elite is a good choice for strategy games.
With its convenient and precise processor, plus uncomplicated internal mechanisms. So even when you are a newbie, you can also use Stormer Elite.
In addition, smart handling and convenience will help you play long matches or in harsh conditions.

#6. Valken M17 Paintball Marker – Best For Performance

Valken M17 Paintball Marker - Best For Performance
This Valken M17 is on our list not because it is a dual feeder gun but because of the magazine’s quality. With only one high-end magazine capable of holding about 20 paintballs. Valken M17 makes it easier to finish the match.
The most outstanding feature of this Valken M17 is the adjustable lever. With the lever, you can customize the gun in semi-automatic, automatic, or safe mode. So you can choose one of three modes to suit your needs and match conditions.
Perhaps the biggest downside of this Valken M17 is the 10-inch threaded barrel. And, you won’t find high accuracy in this Valken M17. For better accuracy, you need to upgrade the barrel.
When it comes to grips, this Valken M17’s grip is an important factor in determining the stability and handling of the marker. For superior handling, this Valken M17 uses ultra-durable construction combined with molded rubber.
Easy for maintaining
Support multiple modes
Can be customized
High precision
Bottom line
This Valken M17 is a great choice for the paintball gun with both semi-automatic and automatic modes.
Besides, Valken M17 is also an automatic paintball gun with a comfortable grip. At the same time, the product supports many safe operations. Plus magazine for both left-handed as well as right-handed players.
Furthermore, players can add and upgrade guns to improve the performance and accuracy of this Valken M17.

#7. DPMS Full Auto SBR CO2 – Best For Real Feeling

DPMS Full Auto SBR CO2 - Best For Real Feeling
The DPMS full-auto SBR CO2 is one of the most popular paintball guns in recent times.
This gun has two 12-gram CO2 cartridges and a 25-round magazine to provide firing fuel. Besides, the firing speed is also very optimal. As a result, you will have interesting practical experiences.
This DPMS paintball gun gives players an amazingly realistic feeling.
The weapon possesses an easy control system and a continuous fire rate of 1400 rounds per minute. After measuring, we found that they all reached a firing rate of up to 430 FPS.
One advantage that makes us and the players very happy is the ability to customize fully. The stock of the DPMS has up to 6 adjustable positions. In addition, it is AR compatible, and the Picatinny rail allows players to add any supporting accessories.
All of these features add an unexpected sense of authenticity to this version.
Also, the actual weight of this DPMS paintball gun is 6.21 pounds. This is the ideal weight for high accuracy when shooting. Besides, DPMS also supports the reverse air blowing feature. This feature is great for you to develop your skills.
Full size
Dual operation
Fast rate of fire
Co2 cartridges are difficult to maintain
Bottom line
DPMS full-auto SBR CO2 is a good paintball gun. We appreciate its design. With an adjustable stock, you can add additional supports. In addition, the back-blow feature allows you to practice better skills.

#8. Crosman CAK1 Full or Semi-Auto CO2 – Best For Mobility

Crosman CAK1 Full or Semi-Auto CO2 - Best For Mobility
The Crosman CAK1 is an ideal companion in paintball matches.
You can find fully automatic and semi-automatic options in this Crosman gun. With the help of dual CO2 power supplies, the Crosman CAK1 allows you to shoot BBs at a good rate of up to 1400 rounds per minute and 430 frames per second.
The Crosman CAK1 presents as a modern version but still carries a classic style.
It features a removable 28-round magazine and a collapsible or customizable clasp. These characteristics give the Crosman CAK1 a stunning appearance that attracts the attention of many shooters.
Beautiful design
Fully automatic feature support
Fast firing rate
Like an air gun
Bottom line
Users rate the Crosman CAK1 as a real AK. Therefore, we do not encourage you to make fun of it because it is very misleading.
Perhaps the best thing about the product is the dual CO2 power supply that allows you to fire 28 rounds continuously. And surely you will be attracted by its exterior design, which is very beautiful.

Best Magazine Fed Paintball Buying Guides

best magazine fed paintball gun
Newbies often choose for themselves a cheap paintball gun. However, we think this choice will kill you in a survival match because each of your shots in the game will carry a certain value.
So, before deciding to buy any paintball guns, you need to consider the criteria:

Capacity magazines

The capacity of magazines is an important criterion when choosing any paintball guns. You’re better off selecting a weapon that offers both magnesium and a regular reload mechanism.
Survival shooting competitions are a kind of military simulation meant to push players back to realism. Usually, this type of game is abbreviated as MilSim. However, when participating, every player is not encouraged to hide behind the trash when the ammo runs out.
So what do you need to do at this time? The key is to make sure your gun contains a significant number of paintballs.
For most paintball guns on the market today, there is a capacity of about 20 balls. Therefore, we want to remind you to bring mags and be fully equipped with other supporting tools.

Flexibility and Customization

A well-customizable paintball gun should be your top priority. Because once you can tailor the weapon to match every need and match situation, the more effective you will get.
In matches, you should choose your playstyle according to your strong points. However, this won’t work if you can’t customize the gun for the right situation.
Your paintball gun with great versatility is more useful in many contexts. Because in a gunfight, you will have to approach both ranged and melee bugs.


There are some disagreements about the exterior design of this paintball gun. Some players think that the appearance of the weapon is not so important and not everything. This statement is not wrong, and in ‘Bizarro world,’ it is possible. But in paintball fights, we prefer the pretty guns.
Because you will use your gun for a long time, we recommend choosing a style you like. Never underestimate the importance of design, it not only affects the internal features and has an impact on the player’s psychology.
Besides, we recommend giving preference to sturdy as well as lightweight models as such paintball guns can withstand rough handling. At the same time, with the light gun, you also carry it easier when fighting.

FAQs about Best Magazine Fed Paintball Guns

Paintballs and airsoft – where does it hurt more to be hit?

Paintballs will do more damage than airsoft BB because airsoft BB bullets move much faster than paintballs, although the difference is insignificant. But compared to the size, the paintballs are bigger.

Does the long barrel increase accuracy?

Yes, a long barrel offers more accuracy. Simply because the long barrel makes it easier for the player to aim, you can upgrade the barrel to increase the effectiveness of seeking.
However, the long barrel will also have some limitations. The barrel length we recommend is between 12 and 16 inches. It is the ideal length for your barrel to improve accuracy and minimize negative effects.

How old can you be to play paintball guns?

Usually, paintballs will require a player’s age. Most paintball facilities only allow players 10 years of age or older to participate. So if you have children under 10 years old with you, you can let them participate in other games like shooting marbles. This game brings a thrill that is not inferior to paintballs.


The above article is the top 8 best magazine fed paintball guns on the market today. With the above suggestions, have you been able to choose the right paintball gun for you?
Also, you can visit our article to search for the best paintball guns. Here, there is a lot of useful information. Thank you for reading!
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