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Other than Heartbeats and Weekends (see the ) also the public calendar has two other types of events:
Weekly meetings for CW.
The committee meeting times on the calendar are always open for participants to join and learn how to contribute. All backgrounds / skill sets / time availabilities and familiarity with Complexity are encouraged to join.
Email for getting involved in these committees.
Open coworking times
The open coworking intervals reflect times where individuals and teams will be freely working in the CW Atrium, individually or together. People are also welcome to join the Atrium to explore and meet 24/7, however these scheduled intervals are times where multiple people have already committed to being there. These are unstructured and unfacilitated sessions, with the goal of allowing for emergent interactions.

Complexity Weekend Committees
Meeting Day in 2022
Meeting Time
CW committee
Exploring and working towards a Complexity Weekend DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organization)
Every Monday
16 UTC
.website & .crm
Developing the website as a participation platform & complex system
Every Tuesday
17 UTC
Stewarding the CW wiki as a knowledge resource
Spaces and experiences, such as improving the spatial video chat platform for synchronous events.
Every Wednesday
16 UTC
Scaffolding CW teams
1st and 3rd Tuesdays
16 UTC
Providing legal assistance and insight for CW ecosystem
All kinds of Art, to be used on the website and elsewhere.
Ensuring financial transparency and sustainability for CW
Communicating about CW with new participants and getting them involved for the first time.
Welcoming new participants and easing the process of getting active in our community of practice
Helping Facilitators facilitate, Weekends and Heartbeats
Those who have Organized previous events give insight on organizational questions — committee open to all who have organized a CW Heartbeat or Weekend.
1st Friday
15 UTC

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