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Weekly-Staff Meetings

Frequency and Duration: The meeting should be held weekly at a consistent time and day. The duration can be between 60-90 minutes, depending on the number of items on the agenda.
Attendees: All staff members should be in attendance. This includes team leads from each department (engineering, sales, marketing, operations, etc.) along with upper management.
Meeting Structure:
a. Introduction (5 minutes): Start the meeting with a brief introduction, revisiting the company's mission and vision, and setting a positive tone for the meeting.
b. Review of Previous Week's Action Items (10 minutes): Discuss the status of action items from the previous week's meeting. Address any obstacles preventing completion and discuss solutions.
c. Department Updates (30-40 minutes): Each department lead presents a brief update on their team's progress, challenges, and upcoming plans. This should be concise and focused on key points. Encourage inter-departmental feedback and collaboration.
d. Open Discussion and Problem Solving (15-20 minutes): Open the floor for discussion on broader company issues, opportunities, or challenges. This time can be used for brainstorming, problem-solving, and strategic discussions.
e. Action Items and Goals for Next Week (10-15 minutes): Summarize the meeting's key points and set clear action items for the next week. Assign responsibilities and deadlines for each item. Also, discuss the overall goals for the next week.
f. Wrap-up (5 minutes): Conclude the meeting by summarizing the main points, action items, and expressing appreciation for the team's efforts. This is also a good time for any final thoughts, motivational words, or company announcements.
Start and end the meeting on time to respect everyone's schedule.
Encourage active participation, open communication, and constructive feedback.
Keep the meeting focused and goal-oriented. Avoid getting sidetracked into detailed discussions which can be taken offline.
Be sure to document the minutes of the meeting, action items, and responsibilities, and share them with all attendees after the meeting.

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