Our Home


Important Notes:
DO NOT flush any toilet paper or products down the toilets. The pipes are very narrow and this can cause major issues. Please use the waste bin next to the toilet.
Please remove your shoes at the door as you enter each house

There is no smoking inside the house or in the main courtyard; if you must smoke, please do so on the street and discard of your cigarette appropriately
We are in a residential community, so please be mindful not to talk loudly or play music loudly
Please do not drink, smoke or talk loudly on your cell phones in public areas, to respect the privacy of neighbors
Be sure to arrive back at the house before midnight, as the guards do not let anyone in after that time
The gate to the courtyard should remain closed at all times
Be respectful of your housemates and the space we’re sharing by tidying up after yourself and keeping your things organized
Take care of furniture, kitchen utensils, sheets, etc. If anything breaks or stains by accident please let us know immediately
Wash your dishes and clean up the kitchen after each use; our amazing cooks and cleaning ladies will be working extra hard for us, so we encourage you to clean up after yourself to make their jobs easier
Be kind to your housemates, house staff and community guards
Please keep unnecessary lighting turned off; the cost of electricity in Guatemala is 5x the price of electricity in the States
Please wear a mask when walking in and out of the gated community
Pets are not allowed

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