Local Partners

Our main food and produce provider for our two work weeks is Enverdece, a local CSA with all organic foods to ensure the best quality of food available in the area. They will deliver organic products every other day, with which our cooks at the houses will create self serve meals for us. However, if you want to cook at home outside of May 9-22 we can put you in touch and you can food to be delivered on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays.
Coffee Shack
We have an official coffee partner! Yes, because coffee is THAT important!! Upon your arrival you will know all the benefits you get from COFFEE SHACK, here’s a teaser:
You will have a Cohere VIP Client Card that allows for 5 coffees for the price of 4, woohoo!!
We will also have 5lbs of FRESH roasted coffee available at each house from Coffee Shack

Again, keep in mind we will be working with some of the best restaurants in town! Offering not only great food but outstanding experiences! We are excited to surprise you with everything we have prepared :)

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