Coherence Lab: Intent, Scope, Goals

The intent of Coherence Lab Guatemala is to bring together people, experts and organization representatives that have expressed interest in supporting the mission and vision of Cohere.
This includes people interested in investing capital, people working on adjacent projects that would create a mutually beneficial relationship, and people with expertise in the Web3 space.
The scope of work will be to have individual and collective working sessions to craft the mechanics and partnerships with Cohere through the use of DAO tools and resources. The event will have various meetings and working groups to explore and create the best methods to coordinate all the parties together, using Web3 technology to develop Web0 Cohere locations. The focus will be gathering all the resources, know-how, and network to launch the DAO to manage the parties and members for the first location in Guatemala.
The goals will be to:
Have a clearly established outline of partnerships and the working relationships between entities
Defined scope of ongoing work with each of the entities to support the collective vision developing a Cohere location in Guatemala
Define the structure, governance, engagement requirements, NFT tokenomics, and projects of the CohereDAO
Prepare to launch NFTs for the DAO to use as a means of raising capital and mission awareness

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