Community Land Trust

An Outline
Use this template to guide you through the process of starting a Community Land Trust in your neighborhood.

Turbo Time Sprint

We are going to go through some turbo speed exercises. This is to illustrate the content to be covered in the development of a CLT - remember: this process can take months in reality!

“Move at the speed of trust”
LL Community Engagment-04.png

The facilitator will guide us through a series of conversations quickly. We will need to work together collectively to complete them all. In reality each section of this CLT Start Up template would likely be an individual discussion or workshop series. We are sprinting through months and years of work in only 60 minutes! For the purpose of this exercise, our CLT exists in an imaginary geographic location - where all of our make believe experiences will collide.


Turbo Time Terminator:
(Time Keeper) ⏳
The Facilitator will click start for each section’s timer.
You’ll keep your eye on the timer and give us all a 1 minute warning per section.
Parking Lot Attendant:
(Note Taker) 📓
You’ll write the questions that come up in the chat or in conversation that we choose to move to

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