The OKR Starter Kit: Goal-setting for your team

Effective OKR planning

Planning is a key part of effective goal setting. Taking the time to roadmap an aspirational vision, identify success metrics, aligning your team, and allow time to design initiatives that roll up into the company goals will pay your team back in dividends with projects that make a business impact.

What is OKR planning?

OKR planning is the process of setting
key results
. Specifically, OKR planning allows time-bound and measurable goals to be set on both the team and company levels. The frequency and depth of OKR planning generally depend on the desired output, KR metrics, alignment timeframe, and the culture of accountability.

Getting into the OKR mindset.

When setting OKRs, the methodology calls for selecting a few high-performing initiatives and reprioritizing everything else. In
, John Doerr suggests asking the following question to frame your goal-setting discussions:

What is most important for the next three (or six, or twelve) months? What are our main priorities for the coming period? Where should people concentrate their efforts?

And while there are many ways to decide which initiatives matter most to your team, your planning process is the time for disciplined thinking. Even though it’s usually done in a short time frame, the OKR process isn’t a thing to rush, as noted by this Codan:

You can’t think you’ll get everything drafted, aligned, set, and resolved in one meeting, especially if you want to include the full set of POVs from your team. Some people need/want time to digest and to provide feedback offline or outside the chaos of a rushed meeting; others wish to whiteboard and shout their opinions. And then everything in between.

OKR planning templates and best practices

At Coda, OKR planning takes place in conversations across the company, and we lean on a few best practices to help us focus on respecting energy and time. Here are our most-used OKR templates:

OKR planning FAQ

How can leadership teams use OKRs effectively?

How often should OKR planning meetings happen?

How often should you review OKRs once they are set?

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