The CMX Dashboard within Bevy is where you will be planning, executing and contacting your chapter members for your events. Let’s help you get comfortable using the dashboard and its features.
Hosts must use the CMX Dashboard () to manage all event-related communication and planning.
CMX Connect Hosts are expected to take the
Click “Add Coupon Code” and enter CONNECT-HOSTS to access the course for free
What is Bevy Virtual? Bevy Virtual is the only end-to-end virtual conference, community and field marketing platform.
Navigate through the above tabs (or using the navigation bar) to learn about the following:
Getting started
How to create an account, edit chapter settings, add team members, create an event and check people in
Event Types
How to use the event types available to you in order to create your events
Sending Emails
How to send a chapter email, the use of automated emails and how to cancel an automated email and learn about your chapter members
Hosting in Bevy Virtual
How to use Bevy Virtual, breakout rooms, use Bevy Virtual as a host, get to know moderation controls including the many-to many feature, recording and troubleshooting
Recording your Virtual Event
How to record your virtual event, as well as the steps we take in order to edit and publish your recording to the CMX Connect Youtube page
Forms and Surveys
How to edit forms (Surveys) and manage a waitlist
Cross Chapter Collaboration
How to host events with other CMX Connect Chapters
Last updated: March 21, 2022
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