Benefits and Responsibilities

Proposed Responsibilities
CMX Connect Hosts volunteer their time to host bi-monthly events and build a local CMX Community. As the Host, you are the main point of contact for the community members in your chapter and responsible for the Chapter’s growth and engagement.
1. Hosting 6 events per year: Virtual or In-Person
We take into consideration how eager your community is, as well as natural slow periods in the year and personal limitations.
Typically, this requires about 5 hours of dedicated time per month.
2. Using the CMX Connect Events Dashboard
Hosts must use the CMX Dashboard () to manage all event-related communication and planning, this includes collecting RSVPs, sending emails, distributing surveys, etc.
When hosting an in-person event, Hosts must check attendees in using the dashboard
When hosting a virtual event, Hosts must use Bevy Virtual (not Zoom, Google Hangouts, or any other virtual software)

3. Deciding the topic, speaker, and venue (if in-person)
It is the responsibility of the Host to select and secure relevant speakers/panelists, or to facilitate a roundtable discussion. And, if you are hosting an in-person event, secure a venue.
CMX employees will generally not speak at CMX Connect events. We want to encourage Hosts to empower local industry leaders in their own communities to speak and educate.
4. Frequent Communication with CMX HQ
We expect Hosts to use the CMX Slack Workspace to do all communication with the CMX HQ team. You have access to:
The private Global Connect Hosts channel: #connecthosts
Your private Leadership channel shared with Beth. (eg. #leadership-boston)

An important part of your responsibilities: CMX provides a space for everyone to come together, connect, learn, and grow with each other. We strive to create safe spaces for people regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, age, race, or religion (or lack thereof).
Self Care
A note about ‘self care’ and these ‘proposed responsibilities’....
Being a CMX Connect Host is meant to be fun and rewarding!
If at any time, you feel like this program is no longer suiting you, or the proposed responsibilities are no longer fun, let us know.
Please, don’t ghost us! 👻
CMX Connect Hosts receive some unique and valuable perks for being a part of the program, including:
Free access to CMX Academy (each course valued at $499 USD)
Free entry into CMX Summit each year (a $850 USD value), VIP events during Summit, and all other paid CMX events
Exclusive CMX Connect Host Swag
Access to the Global CMX Host Community in Slack

In order for a Connect Host to receive these benefits, they must show they are committed to the responsibility of the role, and the Connect program:
Hosting at least two successful events within their first four months
What does a successful event look like? Using the CMX Dashboard properly to create the events, sending emails through the dashboard to attendees, checking people in to in person events, getting responses in your post-event survey, etc.
Evidence of chapter growth (growing number of attendees at each event, future events published ahead of time, consistent event schedule)
Showing commitment to the program:
Showing commitment includes, but is not limited to utilizing this Playbook, extra content creation (blogs, videos, social posts, etc.), showing initiative to grow the chapter, attending , being active in the
*CMX reserves the right to revoke or not provide these incentives.
Host Resources
This playbook is your number one resource.
Every question you have about the program, the dashboard, and tips about running events, the answers are in here! To find things easily, check out the Search in the top right corner.
Private Chat
You will be added to the CMX Connect Host channel in the CMX Slack Community. This is where you can chat with your fellow Hosts as well as the CMX Community Team.
Quarterly Syncs
We hold quarterly group calls open to all of our Connect Hosts to check in, celebrate successes, and help with any challenges. We also welcome new Connect Hosts every six months!
Code of Conduct
Bevy and CMX events are an amazing opportunity for community professionals of all stripes and those interested in community to come together, learn, network, and share. Our events have the goal of expanding professional growth opportunities of all kinds for our attendees.
The may be revised at any time by Bevy Labs Inc. and the terms are non-negotiable. Your involvement in the CMX Connect program, registration for, or attendance at, any Bevy or CMX event, or involvement in any of our community spaces online or off, indicates your agreement to abide by this policy and its terms.
Leaving the Program
We understand that things change. New tasks take precedent, and priorities shift.
If you feel like you are no longer able to dedicate time to the CMX Connect Host program, here are the steps for you to leave the program:
Send an email to
Please take a moment to fill in our about your time in the Connect Host program. I appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback about your experience. It will help me make the program better for future Hosts.
Make your exit! Leave the CMX Connect Host Slack channel. We do encourage you to say goodbye to your fellow Hosts to let them know that you’re leaving, although this is not necessary.
Once you’re said your goodbyes, you will be removed from all CMX Connect Host spaces, and your Host access on will be removed.
Last updated: March 21, 2022
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