Task Description

Build a simple Vue JS application that displays a list of investment funds. The application should allow users view details of a fund and also provide basic filtering functionality. Follow the instructions below to complete the task:
Display the list of funds on a page, showing the name, returns, asset type, fund manager and risk level.
The funds would be gotten from an endpoint which would be provided.
Create a details page where more information about the fund would be displayed (composition, custodian, description, performance and any other necessary details).
Implement basic filtering functionality that allows users to filter funds base on their risk level.
This task assesses the applicant's understanding of Vue component creation, routing, data management, event handling, and basic filtering.

API Endpoint


The Vue version must be greater 3.0.
Use of State Management Library (Pinia or Vue X).

Evaluation Criteria

Simple and clean UI.
Code structure and readability.
Proper use of Vue JS concepts, and the ability to meet the given requirements.


Share a live link and the git repository for the project.
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