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In a single sentence

A quick guide on how to answer “How’s your new job? What do you do?


Your family asks what you do for work

We’re building Google/Apple Photos, but for businesses. They have a lot of trouble finding their photos and videos back!

Your average tech-savvy guy asks what you do for work

Building world’s first AI-driven cloud storage for marketing & communication teams around the world.

An investor asks what you do for work

We’re building the next Dropbox, but without folders. We build the best AI search engine in-house to find any photo or video in seconds. ​Read: This is going to be a trillion dollar company by the end of the week

A social media influencer asks what you do for work

Imagine if Dropbox and Pinterest had a baby. Well, that’s us.


A possible competitor asks what you do for work

I sell beans. ​*keep staring*

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