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The Iter8 UX Bootcamp – all you need to know

This Fall, join us twice a week for 5 weeks to learn, practice, and master your UX skills!

The plain-and-simple deets

RSVP before October 9th.
Starts the week of October 10th.
We will meet twice a week for 5 weeks, Fridays and Sundays.
GRC building, TBD.
Bring your laptops, water, and good vibes ;)

What we’ll achieve together

💪 Master Figma.

Our tried-and-true Design Thinking curriculum utilizes Figma to help our teams generate functional, well-researched designs. How do we make it look great as well? Let’s learn!
Learn and practice using advanced Figma features that you would encounter in the UI world — guaranteed.
auto-layout — for creating responsive designs
efficiently setting up global styles for color, text, and effects
plugins to make your life easier
making craaazy animations for presentations and prototypes
how to design for code
creating a mature design system with components and variants
Our one ask from you: pre-learn the basics. We will provide you with a basics playground to get your feet in the water. Hey! Here it is now:
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👯‍♂️ Design with other designers.

Our UX Bootcamp will give you many opportunities to build on each others ideas and execute your own. However, we approach collaboration a little different from what you might expect.
We believe:
First alone, then together. In our experience, brainstorming, designing, and testing happens best in this order.
Designers should own their designs. Iter8 will give you room to create, innovate, and put out your best solutions on your own.
Every design should be seen more than one pair of eyes. Meaning: seek everyone’s fresh eyes and constructive words on your design.
Not used to giving or receiving feedback? No worries! We’ll learn and practice together. In the meantime, refresh your skills using our quick-start guide →

👾 Complete design challenges.

Every session, we will tackle a design prompt with real-world constraints, which you can use to build your portfolio, then get a job! If only it were that easy...
Here’s some examples:
A payment service in Ukraine wants to make a universal, recognizable, multi-language button for customers to donate money while making a purchase. Consider what it would look like on small screens and low-resolution screens as well.
Create the “first encounter” card state for a dating app that wants to de-emphasize profile pictures and instead emphasize their personalities. Create multiple versions, and animate your favorite.
We’ll do two of these every week. That’s 10 portfolio pieces over 5 weeks! Excited yet?
Check out all of the Design Challenges we’re doing →

🤡 Have fun!

Before, during, in between, and after our planned programming, we’ll be telling jokes, performing silly skits, drinking (your preferred drinks), and getting to know each other! Creativity doesn’t stop with designing— look forward to these fun events and traditions this quarter:
Tote bag making! Portfolio roasts! Sh*tty design breakdowns! Fun design challenges! And many more...

Some questions you might have

I’m completely new to UX. How do I get familiar with it?

We’ve all gotta start somewhere. We’ve curated a quick set of resources for absolute beginners to get familiar with UX and Figma. Check it out here!

Open to all?

Yes! However, as always, we at Iter8 find it really important that our members set their intentions and show up consistently. Therefore, we are doing an RSVP system for all interested in joining. It helps us know how many team leaders there should be, and also helps our lovely Treasurer estimate how many donuts to buy :)

What happened to projects?

We’ll be starting team and client projects in the Winter. Our UX Bootcamp will hopefully help you feel prepared to pursue our future projects, or even lead one!

Stay in the loop

Join our to chat with us and get reminders!
Also, make sure to follow our to stay up to date on our Bootcamp events!

Peace and love,
🤠 The Lead Team at Iter8

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