All data related to Med III patients
arun kumar
k.p Prajwal
Shruthi Muthu
Tanya Shukla
ameer imad ali
Ashwini M V
Jayadev Sajja

Take some time to go through the interface. To access buttons - on any entry/lines - swipe right - pressing the buttons make it a lot easier - and keeps us notified of all updates.
Please use the navigation buttons at the top to move back and forth, don't use the back button.
Enter patient data in the patients tab - use the columns to add ECG, culture reports, any images.

Use the investigations tab to enter investigations of each patient (select name from drop down menu)

Similarly upload CXR or other Radiological investigations in the other tab.

Use the worklist tab - to set the worklist for the day. You can use the tab to notify people once worklist is ready and similarly once it is completed.

Any pending investigations can be traced with reminders and @mentions at a later date.
After investigations are send - click on the investigations sent button. This will cause it to popup in the worklist.
Similarly, after entering investigations - click on the done page to complete that cycle.
After everyone logs in - they will assigned alerts through the app as push notifications.

Include references given into the reference table (copy paste text, images from WhatsApp, paste a pic of the notes written)
Keep mobile notifications switched on to receive quick updates.
You can select which shortcuts/tabs you want and keep the desired view.

Use Forms to enter patient follow-up.
Use this form to enter initial data of the patient.
Use this form to enter investigations of the patient

Treatment decisions may be put to a vote. This will be seen in the last tab.

Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.