Product Feedback


Diana Matthews (Thomas Markle)

Just a few questions about the customer module. First I like the way it looks.
Under the transactions tab what does open and closed mean?
Will you be able to open transactions and repairs from the customer tab and see details and payment types?
What will the +add sales button in the customer tab do? won't sales need to go through the POS tab?
Is there going to be something that reminds the sales associate about the notes so that they don't have to look at all their customers everyday? Specifically wondering how they will know that they need to reach back out for the wish list reminder or was putting it in the notes tab not the correct place to put that reminder.c
Will you be able to search customers by criteria other than their name ,phone number etc.? For example ,can you pull up all customers that have bought a certain amount?
Think about search and that sales person is lazy / will air on the side of creating the customer again. We have sooo many duplicates
We need a way to have a company as a customer
We need a way to easily assign sales associates to customers and also update automatically based on who has sold the most to a customer
Struggled to find lifetime spend sort
Didn’t immediately click that Notes = follow-up task

Jayme Pretzloff (Wixon)

I just went through the CRM beta and was able to complete the five requested tasks. I then went through and was trying to explore other elements, and think of how it would be used in a real-world application. I came across some different pain points, but ultimately realize that it’s not fully built out as many of the elements are sill marked as 🔨 Coming Soon 🔨.
I spent 1.5 hours going through it and exploring it like we would use at Wixon, and put together some notes below. I'm not sure how much time you wanted me to spend on it, or how deep to go with feedback. I'm happy to make a second pass and put together more in-depth notes on each element if you'd like. I just didn’t want to spend a bunch of time writing out pain points and potential solutions if you just wanted some initial thoughts, or if it’s still not fully baked. Let me know your thoughts and if you want me to clarify or expound on anything.
Overall Design
I think the red callout of "Missing" is very distracting to the eye as you're trying to look through the information to find what you're looking for.
Excited to see how the Add Customer interface looks. I think this is an important part of the interface and needs to be smooth and streamlined.
All Customers View
Need to allow for more view than just 11 records otherwise the user will have to continually refine their query -- make it scrollable.
Search feature seems intuitive. Interested to see how you'll be able to filter through large amounts of clients.
House numbers don't seem to be findable through search. Would be helpful when looking up a client by address.
Nice that everything is fillable so you don't have to enter every bit of information by hand. The element of adding multiple addresses seems simple. Might be nice to have an option of type of property-- Winter Home, Cabin, etc. We have a lot of clients with multiple shipping addresses, as well as clients who 'snowbird' in the winter to warmer climates.
It's nice to have the ability to add a custom tag of whatever the occasion is-- sometimes you want to make note of a dog's birthday or other super random date that is important to the client. Can these be set up to alert the salesperson on the platform so they can reach out on these important days?
The Relationships element is robust-- nice to see a myriad of different relationship types. Will you be able to link the customers to many different people? IE: Mom, Dad, Wife, Kids, etc. to be able to have a diverse family tree effect connecting customers together.
When I'm in the Charlene Jones profile, it shows Samantha Williams as her Aunt, but when I go to Samantha Williams' profile, it doesn't show any connection to Charlene. These should automatically link. It would also be nice if when you clicked on them, it brought you to their profile.
This is pretty light on information; currently, it's basically acting as a ledger. Hoping to see this get built out more to allow for more detailed accounts of each transaction-- product specs, photos, cost information, designer info, etc. Would be nice to link to invoice, appraisals, other important documents from the transaction.
Why segment transactions and jobs? Even custom and repair work are still transactions, so they should still be viewed together but able to be filtered separately.
Would be nice to be able to click on the note 'Content' and have it pop up with just the note. There's not many characters in view, and a lot of extra information is shown when you click the Title. Right now, the actual note isn't shown as importantly as the other columns. I think this section could get overcrowded when you start getting too many random notes in there. Although, having the search function within Notes is a nice way to drill down to what you're searching for.
I was able to add a note for follow up and I see there are multiple 'Status' categories to mark when completed, but how exactly do these notifications come across?
It's nice to have the large photo of the item, however I don't know that a full description and who it was added by is necessary information. Once there are a lot of products on the wishlist, this will become a cluttered view.
'Add to Wishlist' wasn't really functional via search. Would like to have a dropbox function that shows product results as you type.
"Store's Best Customer"
It was easy to find by filtering the Lifetime Spend, however this doesn't take into account the combined spend of the family (spouse). Last sale date is also important.

Bhuvan Sahney (Gleim)

a couple of initial thoughts....
There is no way to send feed back using the green button on the right. Here are my notes. These are in no particular order.
For size you should be able to add brief notes. Like right hand ring finger is size 6 left hand is size 7
Also maybe sizes for necklace or bracelets as well.
The lifetime spend should be reports vs. in the initial profile.
I don't think you need to have a one time customer as a designation or a VIP customer (what makes a customer VIP) what if they are one time customer but spend $100K?
Why have a repeat customer designation, once you add their sales or new purchase that will start building sales and transactional history.
Whats a partial refund for?
I will still play aroundc with it and get more feed back to you.
Over all its easy to use and intuitive great start.

Kay Hourigan (Hyde)

I did the testing, and it is very user friendly. I will try on an IPad tomorrow. See brief notes and time.
Table 1
very intutive, easy navigate, where will the note show up for the associate to complete the follow up?
15 mins
was able to navigate, had a little difficulty finding the top customer, but was able to figure it out, mostly due to the size of the phone screen
15 mins
There are no rows in this table

Alex Bellman (Bellmans)

Only need prospect and VIP (tie this to store)
Custom customer tags for source
filter by location + tag
Automatic note creation
Notes confusion
Add other to ring sizes - not great experience
important date distinction for themselves versus someone else
Add others as a type
Liked split of jobs and transactions

Barry Kraft (Founder of ASC)

When he looked for a customer on ipad it wasn't super clear (only saw 3 customers)
Lots of christophers and how does search handle
Last transaction date is important
Duplicate customers (last sale date would be important)
He likes repairs as a possibility
We need to add a source for customer and pos
Emphasized need for sort
80% of the time we are going to get the heat
Lots of filters we should be prepared to add
Luxe Software testing
Find Customer
Require something to be entered on the customer search.
Display need sort by last name
“ale” yielded people with just “ale” anywhere in their name. You could have a wildcard to include those. It may present many people that will make it harder to find correct person
Need more customers on a page. I think you fixed the <> indicating number of pages left.
Be prepared to need to add more data about the customer. Date of last transaction and perhaps the transaction type amount. This will provide better customer service at POS and minimize duplicate customers, which you will also need a way to merge.
Possibly suggest a note type that automatically pops up at POS when selecting a customer (ie, friend of owner, get 20% off, etc.)
Customer Edit (summary)
When editing, pop up screen displaying basic customer detail needs to option to cancel . The only way to do this is by pressing the arrow, but the arrow intuitively should be pointing backward
Suggest adding more data to some of the boxes. Last transaction, date of last transaction and type, This year spend, # transactions, etc.
You will need to identify the preferred phone number and preferred email should they have multiple entries. Same with address, as if they select mail and they have 2 homes, you will need to indentify
Important dates (may want to not allow free form OTHER, but add specific types)
Birthdates and anniversaries are great, but be prepared for customers to not tell you the actual year. So, account for this is the DB. If you don’t, sales associates will guess or put in the wrong year. The other dates need the year.
Relationships – What if my Spouse is not already a customer? Looks like a customer record needs to exist. Probably should select the relationship type first and then identify customer
Brand Interests. You will need to have to allow for a customer to have their own set of brands/vendors. Not sure what the EDIT icon is for
Jewelry Sizing. I think you eventually need many other attributes about a customer. So there needs to be real estate / scrolling
Follow up on date for a customer.
The salesperson should default to customer’s salesperson, but allow changes. I was able to enter a date that has passed.
Some of the fields should be required for a Follow up type of not (Other than informational)
Need to free form, even if the item is a placeholder or generic. I like tennis bracelets, I may not have a favorite yet in the store, so it could be a brand, category, etc. that I want my husband to purchase for me.
Customer transactions
This needs work, as you need to know the type of transaction by line item. May be show line items and not by ticket, as mostly when looking up history, you want to know what they bought, and filter by transaction type, date range, brand, price range, etc.
Also, you should be prepared to show at least a thumbnail of the item on the purchase screen if you can. Either way, you will want quick access to a visual display of what they purchased
Also keep in mind security. Some jewelers will provide limit access to what a salesperson can see (like cost), but the back office needs to see this information
I think It is easy to move around and quite friendly, IMO, more date needs to be accessible on one screen.
Also, remember that the TABLES that you use for Brands, dates, etc. will likely need to be controlled by the user in some way.
Rethink Customer types . May be also have some indication if they are a repair or special order or stock purchase type of customer, along with prospect,
I really did not find many real bugs, which is always a good sign.

Tony Caniglia (Veras)

Love the ui. Still havent found the best customer might want to make that tad easier. I like the note system would recomend a pop up feature if you dont have it yet. The edge has a few features i like that you might want to think about. - Talks to podium msg software - Takes pictures of Jewelry (think you already have something like this in the whish list feature) Things you might want to add - A button that make customers a +vip+ for stores reward or membership programs. - Easy to read reports obvious but you be surprised. -a feature that reminds you of customers big days - Special orders for multi level stores or handle diffently than single sores with no home office. Maybe make version for each. If you want to sell to both.
Yeah like for our store we have a vip program where if they sign up they discounts and other deals so having a button that makes it easy to make them vip qould be nice might be a small Quality of life thing that some stores might like.

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