Introducing Coda at Amazon

Simplify process and deliver results with the world’s smartest smart doc.

You could say that Coda is a supercharged doc...

More importantly it’s the first tool that brings the whole modern productivity suite into one place.
Coda has tables that connect to each other in a way that Quip can’t. A well designed writing surface that Excel lacks. An entire ecosystem of integrations. And AI woven throughout.
That means it’s the perfect canvas to simplify and restructure work to be truly collaborative in a way that Quip just can’t handle - think writing, planning, off-sites, roadmaps, project management, project hubs, meetings, knowledge sharing, etc.

Reid Hoffman, Greylock

“Coda has worked diligently to reimagine the world of work and empower teams to create a doc as powerful as an app.
Comprising expanded Coda AI features and new building blocks, Coda is furthering this mission, providing makers and teams alike with the freedom to harness AI, be creative, and build docs and apps that meet their unique needs.”

Powerful enough to handle all the ways work is evolving.

Connect all of your work.
In Quip, individual docs and sheets turn into a hard-to-find mess. Coda docs function like a workspace, where you can link pages and subpages that always display the most current information. Docs communicate with each other, ensuring that any updates made in one table are reflected everywhere, guaranteeing data accuracy and a single source of truth.

500+ integrations to bridge the productivity canyon.
Packs empower individuals and teams to work smarter, not harder. They streamline processes, automate tasks, and ensure that all your tools communicate effectively in your writing surface, saving you time and reducing the need for manual data entry or switching between multiple apps.

AI woven throughout your work.
With Coda AI, teams can access a connected work assistant that understands the actual information in your company, acts as an informed collaborator, and take real action at scale. Coda AI can share insights, help with content creation, and finish tasks, so teams can reduce busywork and increase their impact.

And we’re already approved at Amazon.

At Coda, security is paramount because we believe that it takes a lifetime to build a reputation and only a few minutes to tarnish it. Our security strategy is built upon well-established principles such as defense in depth, least privilege, and attack surface area reduction.

SOC 2 Type 2

SOC for Service Organizations


General Data Protection Regulation


California Consumer Privacy Act

Transform day to day complexity into customized simplicity.

Product teams

Create a unified single source of truth, transform decision-making velocity and quality, and unify strategy, goals, and execution.


Improve your team’s productivity, quality of work, business impact, and contributor happiness.

Revenue orgs

Better team selling, improved operational rigor, and increased team productivity that leads to more wins.

People & HR teams

Streamline critical people team workflows: keep your team organized and impactful with a single source of truth.

Product Hub Build.gif


I have long been frustrated at the inefficiencies of using documents for setting up and managing technical build teams, but this has been all we can do to date. Platforms like Jira are great for issues, but we cannot write longer documents. Word/Google Docs is great for drafting a narrative, but we can only attach static images of our network architectures and UI wireframes, which change often. There is no one stop shop to see the current status of important project components for key stakeholders and sponsors.”



I’m interested in learning more about what’s being done at Amazon?

Amazon has a dedicated account team at Coda and we’d love to talk to you!

We do a lot of writing at Amazon. How can I make that more interactive?

We've reimagined writing with what we call a two-way writeup—an immersive, interactive canvas that crystallizes communication and catalyzes rapid decision-making. Within Coda, as you write you can take advantage of native functionality like voting, buttons, sentiment analysis, and structured tables to distill discussions into actionable insights. Say goodbye to the endless scroll through comments; our approach highlights the pivotal elements that drive progress. You can also bring in your favorite tools to give more oomph to your writing such as: Figma, Jira, Slack, Asana, etc. Dive deeper into a few key elements that teams at Amazon are adopting here: .

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How would I use Coda in my day to day at Amazon?

Because Coda is an all-in-one-workspace, teams at Amazon are using Coda first and foremost to replace Quip. Use case wise this translated to all your common writing practices as well as project management, planning sessions, roadmapping, and more. You can see a quick look into Coda by role

Is Coda a doc, a spreadsheet, an app?

All of the above! We looked at the modern workforce and built a product for how workers want to work in 2024. and beyond. Not in siloed information where you have 100+ tabs to get one project done but rather a platform that can be flexible, powerful, and simple.

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