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About Me

My name is Chloe and I am a spreadsheet enthusiast. I say this without irony; I really love relational databases.
There’s nothing more satisfying to me than engaging with people who are genuinely excited about something. One of my super powers is catching and magnifying enthusiasm. I adore talking to people and bringing their concerns to the development team, valuing the users and their feedback as essential while keeping the developers informed about the concerns of real people. I am a devoted empathizer whose primary goal is evangelizing the necessity of communication between diverse groups of people, particularly between internal and external stakeholders.


Knitting is my jam! I find it meditative, as well as creative. It’s a craft that can be elevated to art in the hands of a expert. Knitting presents challenges that fuel inventive problem solving. I love being able to point to something and say, “I made that!”
In the before times, I loved visiting local street festivals and absorbing the art of my community. As the pandemic continues, my acquisition has moved online to places like Etsy. I particularly love Mexican Folk Art like Alebrije (see my cover photo ☝️) and Calaveras dioramas.
Traveling brings me joy! I think it’s important to remove yourself from your usual surroundings and meet people where they live. One of my favorite destinations is Oaxaca, Mexico. It was lucky enough to travel there for Dia de los Muertos in 2019. It was vibrant, full of creative people, and rich with tradition.
I love movies; some of my favorites are Amelie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, Swiss Army Man, and Evil Dead 2.


Codeq, LLC

Product Manager

Dates Employed Jun 2019 – Oct 2020
Product owner of core technology - Codeq’s NLP API.
Product owner of proof-of-concept apps and technology demos.
Act with full confidence of the CEO to manage all technical, product, marketing, public presence, and operations aspects of the company as a whole.
Research and collaborate with scientists, consultants, and CEO to define product value propositions.
Daily coordination of front and back end development teams (senior and junior lvl), design, business development, and 3rd party contractors.
Owner of all communication to both the public-at-large and vendors via email, social media, and direct contact/chatbot.
Website creation and management. Built in WordPress. Created all content. Defined UI and UX. Integrated Google analytics.

Defined and created dynamic pricing model based on market research.
Expanded reach of API via AWS Marketplace and RapidAPI.
Helmed pivot from consumer-facing apps into B2B SaaS.
Released 5 proof-of-concept demos exemplifying the API.
Successfully secured our first licensing partner.

Associate Product Manager

Dates Employed Apr 2015 – Jun 2019
Worked closely with the development, design, server, and data science teams to create an NLP and ML powered email iOS app.
Defined innovative solutions for user pain points and broke those problems down into actionable tasks and requirements documented for the development team.
Worked with head of products to plan, organize, and manage the product road map.

Managed beta pool for Courier iOS app.
Assisted with launch of CrowdChunk website, a iOS and Android review aggregation and summarization site.
Launched Courier and created roadmap for version 2.0.


Community Manager - Yahoo Mail

Dates Employed Oct 2013 – Mar 2015
Analyzed and directly responded to user feedback.
Brought user pain points to the engineering team’s attention and drove resolution of those issues.
Summarized and responded to every piece of feedback gathered from alpha testers.
Proposed solutions based on user demand.
Advocated for the user at every possible opportunity.

Worked cross functionally to create an internal tool to manage and share user feedback.
Responded to thousands of direct inquiries from users.
Delighted users with random gifts of appreciation.
Filed over 200 bugs concerning user facing issues.

Community Manager - IntoNow

Dates Employed Oct 2011 – Apr 2014
Solicited feedback from real users and distilled it into actionable suggestions, leading to user driven improvements in the actual product.
Developed a relationship built on trust with power users.
Maintained several different customer facing databases.
Kept careful watch over the community, tossing bad apples when needed.

Honored with the Yahoo Superstar Award in 2012
Executed one of the smoothest EOL periods in the history of Yahoo.

Search Quality Analyst

Dates Employed Aug 2009 – Oct 2011
Monitored and analyzed site traffic/usage data to make front page programming decisions.
Participated in regular testing and QA of potential search algorithms.
Organized and executed spot checking of multi-national testing.
Classified diverse unstructured data.
Developed a thorough understanding of user's wants and needs in order to make product feature suggestions

Honored with the "Silver Surfer" award for improving the Front Page user experience by ensuring fresh and compelling content.
Revamped the testing tool to save hundreds of spot checking and admin hours.
Developed a more efficient spot checking system to maximize testing budget.

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