About Me

My name is Chloe and I am a spreadsheet enthusiast. I say this without irony; I really love relational databases.
There’s nothing more satisfying to me than engaging with people who are genuinely excited about something. One of my super powers is catching and magnifying enthusiasm. I adore talking to people and bringing their concerns to the development team, valuing the users and their feedback as essential while keeping the developers informed about the concerns of real people. I am a devoted empathizer whose primary goal is evangelizing the necessity of communication between diverse groups of people, particularly between internal and external stakeholders.


Knitting is my jam! I find it meditative, as well as creative. It’s a craft that can be elevated to art in the hands of a expert. Knitting presents challenges that fuel inventive problem solving. I love being able to point to something and say, “I made that!”
In the before times, I loved visiting local street festivals and absorbing the art of my community. As the pandemic continues, my acquisition has moved online to places like Etsy. I particularly love Mexican Folk Art like Alebrije (see my cover photo ☝️) and Calaveras dioramas.
Traveling brings me joy! I think it’s important to remove yourself from your usual surroundings and meet people where they live. One of my favorite destinations is Oaxaca, Mexico. It was lucky enough to travel there for Dia de los Muertos in 2019. It was vibrant, full of creative people, and rich with tradition.
I love movies; some of my favorites are Amelie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, Swiss Army Man, and Evil Dead 2.


Codeq, LLC


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