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30 Dec, 22

Friday, 30th December 2022
In this update, we’ve released following points:
Introducing Pill Reminder & Improved Refill Reminder
Now set Pill Reminder, which will help the patient to remind about his/her Medication.
Based on that it will auto set Refill Reminder for you too.
Screenshot 2022-12-29 at 7.24.27 PM.png

Now do Stock Adjustments after Stock Reconciliation
You can make Stock adjustment after finishing the Stock Reconciliation in mismatched stocks.
Screenshot 2022-12-29 at 8.10.07 PM.png
Introducing CRM credits to share Sales Invoices and many more on WhatsApp/SMS.
Based on CRM Credits now you can share SMS & WhatsApp for Sales Invoice & Item availability notification with Customer.
Important Notes: WhatsApp will be sent from +91-903 302 1361 Mobile No.
For newly join customers schedule Free Product Training
Product Training is Free - Now schedule it on your time.
Screenshot 2022-12-29 at 8.22.43 PM.png
Improved Sales Optimisation

Other Improvements
Added CC/DC option in bank accounts/Expenses
Improved validation in Drug licenses.
Improved Stock Transfer feature
In all invoices, display the secondary mobile number if not set, display the registered mobile number.
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